“suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.”

Deliver a tiny tap to a very large building

Propagate a wave

Now it returns to the source;

Tap again at that precise moment

The wave goes out again with more energy,

Again and again…

Now the building sways as if in an earthquake? And all from the most gentle of taps.

Yes A.J., the Culture is “Demonic”

Via Breitbart.com:

Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, who is preparing for the NFL Draft, was watching the Grammys on Sunday and felt that the “really demonic” performances showed that “there is a lot of evil in the world.”

You be the judge

…but really, the Grammys are just somewhere in the bottom half of the sewer. I didn’t feel even a scintilla of temptation to watch them, because I already knew in general, if not in all the horrifying detail, what it would be about: a celebration of death, of male and female sluts, of excess and celebrity privilege and, most of all, celebrity hypocrisy, of “eff you, bourgeoisie, now buy more of my s*** and make me rich so I can say ‘eff you’ again next year.”

There has been occasional mention in the neoreactosphere of culture, art, literature and music, and how important they are in reaching young people, blah blah. That’s true, but judging from the current state of the ravenous blank-eyed hordes “consuming” things like the Grammy Awards, my reading is that “popular” culture is dead to us.

Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment are, and always will be, mostly the province of the high-IQ set, which by definition only includes a small percentage of the population.  In my recent interactions with European Traditionalist/DE/NR folk, I’ve noticed a great many of them are or were into “metal” music. I wonder if there are any budding superstars out there who will compose and perform million-sellers about the joys of self-discipline, hierarchy and tradition. Perhaps not, but perhaps what’s needed is not million-sellers but music and other art that can bring together various threads and unite them in making a world.

After all, if THIS can become an icon of a generation, anything can happen:



Snow Crash, The Feds and Irish Democracy

While Neal Stephenson’s book The Diamond Age (TDA) obviously features in the title of this blog, today’s exploration will touch on his earlier work Snow Crash, and its (generally compatible with TDA) techofuturistic vision.

I urge anyone who seeks Dark Enlightenment to read these two books. Long before the deep implications of the Computing Age were really clear, Stephenson envisioned them with remarkable clarity and detail (von Neumann, Ulam, Turing and others also envisioned them way back in the 1940s and 50s, but that’s for another time). They’re also highly entertaining to an intelligent and discerning reader.

No doubt, this applies to each and every reader of this post.

All flattery aside, to the matter at hand; in Snow Crash, an occasionally mentioned second-tier actor is something called “the Feds,” which is our own beloved USG, still hanging around as a small percentage of its former Bad Self, still in possession of dangerous weapons, but mostly disregarded as a major player. The government has been unable to control the Metaverse (think Web. 4.0) and consistently enforce the “law” (and more importantly, collect enough taxes).

This Glenn Reynolds column, wherein pot legalization in the states of Washington and Colorado, and passive resistance to Obamacare everywhere, are compared to “Irish Democracy,” is telling. Variations of the word “nullification” are bandied about by the Instapundit without any apparent guilt or dread of jack-booted thugs descending on his home or office, and he features this quote from Two Cheers for Anarchism:

One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called ‘Irish Democracy,’ the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people, than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.

It’s real, and it’s happening now in the USA, the UK, and to a lesser extent in the EU. The NSA revelations have shown the deepest/darkest organs of the government both menacing and incompetent, and the piteous US Congress and especially the metrosexual faux professor occupying the Office of the President inspire the least respect ever held for USG in its 225-year history. More importantly, the least fear.

Despite majority opposition, Congress is poised to pass, and the President to sign, some sort of illegal alien “amnesty” this year. Far from dreading it, the Neoreaction should be relishing the coming train wreck. Almost certainly, some states and localities will take some sort of “nullification” measures, leading to additional threatening rhetoric from DC and more hard feelings by the folks in Flyover Country. This can only help to bring closer the day when “the Feds” will be shadows, and city-states based on neoreactionary ideas will be a reality.

On Implementation

It happens that More Right posted on Ingredients Needed for Reaction to Work a few days ago.

Developing the theme of this blog a bit more: If we desire to actually live under a regime more congenial to our NR nature than the USG (or God help you, the EU) we need a practical vision for implementation; while Anissimov outlines a very realistic structure (similar to the way the Founding Fathers ran it), I note he doesn’t take the next step of pointing out the schwerpunkt.

I see these options, either currently available or becoming available during the historical/technological developments of the next 10-20 years: 1) Taking over the machinery of an existing nation-state; 2) Taking over the machinery of an existing U.S. state (something like the Free Sate Project); 3) Seasteading/Spacesteading 4) The NR as a world-distributed phyle a la The Diamond Age; 5) A city-state in America 3.0.

I will develop each of these in a separate post. For the moment, 4) and 5), or a combination of the two, seem the most practical. But I am interested in reasoned commentary on 1), 2) and 3) as well.

Riding to the Sound of the Canon

AnarchoPapist posts a Neoreactionary Canon. I’ve read perhaps 50 percent of it. I read most of the Moldbug archives a couple of years ago, and of course, as noted in my first post here I put Land’s Dark Enlightenment series up on Tumblr and through some High Strangeness it ended up being linked on the recent Telegraph blog piece.

(An aside–my idiosyncratic spelling of “NeoReactionary” has already become a bit distracting, so for once I’m going to give in to the Tyranny of the Crowd and go with a the lower-case “r” in future. I will not be losing my Love for Capitalization, however).

Amos & Gromar, and The Legionnaire have their own takes.

The Canon is a set of superb material, and I’ll make it a point to gradually read the pieces I’ve not gotten to yet.

However, one of my aims here is to bring in history, classical literature, science fiction, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Reality Therapy, chess, meditation, films, sports and Who Knows what manner of Useful Stuff and apply it to implementing the NR. So read the Canon–but I’ll be suggesting a wide range of other reading, and real-world experiences, as well.


Axioms, the assumed, unproveable (yet obvious and satisfying) basis of my thought:

1. Reality, the totality of what wasis and will become, is not subject to change through wishful thinking. However, future reality is subject to limited change through human actions. Human actions must first be conceived by human minds, then executed in reality. Thus, theory and philosophy are necessary, but not sufficient to achieve any portion of the future of humanity I want to see.

2. The future I want to see has many points in common with what has recently been called the Dark Enlightenment (DE) or NeoReaction (NR), but of course every man has an individual vision of the future. A major portion of my motivation for starting this blog and writing about specific actions that will produce the future I desire is a deep held aesthetic disgust at certain aspects of our current society, in the the United States, the West and the rest of the world. I’m sure I don’t need to provide examples…but I will, from time to time. Disgust is one of the most powerful motivators to human action.

3. I bring certain skills and experiences that might prove useful in executing DE/NR principles and forming a phyle, society, nation, state or city-state that I and others would like to live in. Over 20 years of experience in politics, campaigns, persuasion and propaganda, and navigating in the bureaucracy provides a certain practical orientation on Power, how to get it and use it to impact reality.


“Keep moving forward.”

Serendipity Rides In

I’ve been lurking around the NeoReactionary (NR)/Dark Enlightenment/Red Pill sector for some time, reading, reflecting, throwing an occasional comment at some of the leading sites, but not taking things too seriously. NeoReaction has been a sort of intellectual entertainment, stimulating and fun but not a passion, ever since the 2012 U.S. elections convinced me, finally, that collectivists really do have a working majority in America and that the Peepul, bless their hearts, have been on average dumbed down enough that the condition is permanent.

Rand really did have a Lens; Wesley Mouch is running the economy, and, God help us, Mr. Thompson has been Head of State for the past five years.

NR has been getting some “mainstream” play recently, but the latest hit piece, at a tech blog of Britain’s Telegraph, has precipitated this entry, this blog, and the end of lurking for me, via a serendipitous synchronicity; for whatever reason, out of the great wide world web, the author has chosen as a link to the text of Nick Land’s The Dark Enlightenment  my old Tumblr page, which I haven’t used much for over 18 months–in fact the last entry, on Dec. 13, 2012, was The Dark Enlightenment. That was shocking enough, weird enough, in the older sense of the word, to get me to write this.

You can see from the title of the blog that I’ll be taking a different angle to NR from anything else I’ve seen (yet), and the blog needs links to the Giants in the field and various other Important Resources, but for now, thrown together in a rush before I gotta go to work, here it is.

(NOTE–I’ve been using the NeoVictorian handle for well over 10 years, a long, long time before I’d heard the term “NeoReaction.” Call it more serendipity.)