Axioms, the assumed, unproveable (yet obvious and satisfying) basis of my thought:

1. Reality, the totality of what wasis and will become, is not subject to change through wishful thinking. However, future reality is subject to limited change through human actions. Human actions must first be conceived by human minds, then executed in reality. Thus, theory and philosophy are necessary, but not sufficient to achieve any portion of the future of humanity I want to see.

2. The future I want to see has many points in common with what has recently been called the Dark Enlightenment (DE) or NeoReaction (NR), but of course every man has an individual vision of the future. A major portion of my motivation for starting this blog and writing about specific actions that will produce the future I desire is a deep held aesthetic disgust at certain aspects of our current society, in the the United States, the West and the rest of the world. I’m sure I don’t need to provide examples…but I will, from time to time. Disgust is one of the most powerful motivators to human action.

3. I bring certain skills and experiences that might prove useful in executing DE/NR principles and forming a phyle, society, nation, state or city-state that I and others would like to live in. Over 20 years of experience in politics, campaigns, persuasion and propaganda, and navigating in the bureaucracy provides a certain practical orientation on Power, how to get it and use it to impact reality.


“Keep moving forward.”

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