Riding to the Sound of the Canon

AnarchoPapist posts a Neoreactionary Canon. I’ve read perhaps 50 percent of it. I read most of the Moldbug archives a couple of years ago, and of course, as noted in my first post here I put Land’s Dark Enlightenment series up on Tumblr and through some High Strangeness it ended up being linked on the recent Telegraph blog piece.

(An aside–my idiosyncratic spelling of “NeoReactionary” has already become a bit distracting, so for once I’m going to give in to the Tyranny of the Crowd and go with a the lower-case “r” in future. I will not be losing my Love for Capitalization, however).

Amos & Gromar, and The Legionnaire have their own takes.

The Canon is a set of superb material, and I’ll make it a point to gradually read the pieces I’ve not gotten to yet.

However, one of my aims here is to bring in history, classical literature, science fiction, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Reality Therapy, chess, meditation, films, sports and Who Knows what manner of Useful Stuff and apply it to implementing the NR. So read the Canon–but I’ll be suggesting a wide range of other reading, and real-world experiences, as well.

3 thoughts on “Riding to the Sound of the Canon

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