On Initiation

Henry Dampier Drafts Plans for the Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries. As my first posts have shown, this is definitely up my alley–forming groups, communities, networks and tribes. Theorizing and philosophizing has an important place in getting where I (we) want to be as a culture; but action will be required, and the lone individual’s range of action is very limited.

Groupings are great, but something that’s been bothering me for a long time is the lack of initiatory experiences men (young and old) have in the modern era. In the Grand Old Days there were Golden Dawn magical memorizations, chanting in graveyards at midnight, fraternity and sorority paddlings, blood minglings, Greek underground chambers, etc. So many of these have been lost, or banned by the Nannies, that today’s young person (and especially boy) has what? Getting drunk the first time? His first hit of weed?

Personally I’ve been baptized into the Church and received the other Sacraments, been initiated into the first three degrees of Freemasonry, and received the Mormon priesthood (not in that order).

I’m thinking about what a great initiatory ceremony into Dark Enlightenment would be like. Read the “Red Pill” speech from The Matrix, followed by putting your head on a chopping block for a simulated execution is a first approximation. All the great initiations involve a symbolic death and rebirth. I like Henry‘s plans for clubs. I think we need to brainstorm and discuss some initiations into them and into a new way of seeing the world.

Many of the great initiations involve shedding a blindfold, too.

4 thoughts on “On Initiation

  1. Any true reactionary has already had his initiation. It comes when you apply for a job with your girlfriend at the same place and they hire her and reject you because they’re looking to fill more “minority” positions. It comes when you’re sitting in Kindergarten or whenever they start doing this now and they point you out as a white,have you stand up, and then say that all of the problems in America are your fault because you’re white as though they had any right to even BE in America, a nation and a country built by your white ancestors for you and your descendants.

    It comes when you’re sitting in a room filled with 80% brown swarthy faces using racial slurs against you and slandering your heroic forebears, and you mutter one word under your breath, the word “nigger”, and your whispered rebellion causes more indignation than literal race-based death threats directed against you.

    That’s your reactionary initiation. As one who has participated in some of the others you mentioned, I will vouch for the efficacy of the initiation I outlined above as being every bit as suited for the purpose as any Catholic confirmation or occult rite. The purpose of all of them being,mainly, to symbolize a transitional point in one’s life.

    Once you have been subjected to the twisted hatred directed against a white male heterosexual and nominal Christian in contemporary America, your life will never be the same again.


    • Disagree, thanatos. NR has to be about building something, not…er…reacting to something (dang it).

      But seriously: one of my favorite things about NRx is the (cerebral? yes! passionless? yes! robotic? ALL OF THE ABOVE) commitment to strategy. And that just can’t be done with the external locus of control you imply.

      Right now, frankly, there is no neoreactionary movement. I have been on teams, in companies, and in a family, where I’d trust anyone there with pretty much anything. A bunch of strangers on the Internet will just never get there.

      But give it time.


      • Thanks for visiting, “Calculated Bravery.” I agree–give it time. NRxers seem to be meeting up “in real life” more often, and soon I expect there’ll be software projects, corporations…


    • I agree that this is a kind of initiation, one that many of us have been through. However, nothing sharpens the mind forever like a reenactment of your own death in a black room. With simulataneous chanting.


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