Origins, Brief Version

Handle’s post Can You Handle It? touches on a number of important points; a little Quo Vadis, a little “Hmm, this is getting serious,” a little direction on what’s important. The part I’ll focus on here is something that I’ve been meaning to do anyway, my own story, of how I came up from the primeval slime and climbed the mountain (okay, so far just the foothills), took the Red Pill and dedicated my every waking moment to bringing down the Cathedral before it gets heavy, man.


I’ve been a contrarian of some stripe for as far back as I can remember. I suspect that this is a trait I share with most of the Darkly Enlightened. If everybody in the peer group was wearing some kind of clothing item, I didn’t want to wear it. I rejected my parents mainline Protestantism at an early age, became a True Believer in Science at 12, a Randite at 15, Libertarian at 19, “right libertarian” at around 30, paid Republican political operative at 38, state executive branch appointee at 42, disgusted former legislative aide at 50. For the record, Mr. Chairman, I currently occupy a non-political post in state government: this could be described as being a hopeless sucker-on the government teat, or an embedded agent of Reaktion inside the belly of the beast, ready to cut an artery when the time is right.

It depends on what day of the week you ask.

I suppose that, like a good portion of those reading this, what finally prompted me to go explicitly Neoreactionary was a sense of profound disgust at the culture; art, entertainment, and especially the political culture. I was still working hard to “change the system” when Robert Bork’s sterling character was assassinated, Blowjob Bill Clinton occupied the Oval Office, when the Neocons took over foreign policy, when homosexuals occupied prime time television…but despite having read Molbug as far back as 2010, I was just a beta orbiter until the Miserable Majority of the voters of the United States re-elected the SCOAMF in November, 2012.

Everyone has a different point of clarity. It was a long time coming, admittedly. Many of you saw it much sooner in time, or at a much younger age. But here we are, and now I’m most interested in making something happen.

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