Power: How to Get It, How to Use It

I’m on an extended business trip and in Fairbanks, Alaska, where the temperature is -16 F and it’s absolutely beautiful. After some weights and a sauna, walked outside in my shorts with a towel around my neck and saw the aurora borealis. I didn’t feel cold at all. For a few magic moments there was a sense of balance, of equilibrium.

Flying long distances gives one a chance to read uninterrupted, and I took half a dozen books along, including a useful old volume, POWER! How to Get It, How to Use It, by Michael Korda. I touches on something that I’ve been thinking about a good deal in relation to the Quo Vadis of the NR and moving from Theorie to Praxis. As long as we y’all are just blogging and tweeting and having a good intellectual time it’s not an issue, but sooner or later (and sooner that you may think) there’s going to be a time for action, even if the action is only protecting yourself. Korda makes a great point in his book: Power is not just the ability to affect the world; power is also the ability to prevent ourselves from being affected by the world in ways we don’t want. In our current age, when a man with a sword can only practice in private, rather than expect to conquer a principality, developing the power needed just to protect one’s own household is a significant achievement.

Laliberte says it well:

It is my duty to give a purpose. Lay it on your heart through prayer and contemplation to consider what your strengths are. If you do not have them, develop them. Train yourself so that when the time comes and a call to arms is sounded, you are ready to fight. Consider the role that you can serve and excel at it, for that is the duty of all men.

Beyond good intellectual development, beyond study and theory and perfecting our thinking, we need to develop our power. The ability to impact the world, not merely the ability to think clearly, has always been the real test of men. In the age of “leaders” looking to make a deal with evil, willing to sacrifice children to buy a few moments of “peace,” it behooves us to quickly learn about power and to absorb it into ourselves, if only to protect the good, much less proceed into the better.

4 thoughts on “Power: How to Get It, How to Use It

  1. I believe this is what a lot of the Game/Masculinity side of the orthosphere *IS* already about. It isn’t in the language of power necessarily, but living a good life…Eudaimonia, as it were, is a very strong form of power. “Man up, work for yourself, be productive, learn a trade, don’t be a cubical drone, do-something-self-actualizing, flee HR-overrun companies and let them die…” what great ways to have power over your own life and *do* something!


  2. Your points are good ones, but not directly about my main thrust here. Game is a small piece of the broader power equation. It’s something everyone should understand, but power to move men, power to change things in line with your will, power, as I noted, to protect yourself and your family: These are a totally different thing than fleeing the cubicle or self-actualizing. Have a look at Korda’s book, and I can also recommend Will by G. Gordon Liddy.


    • In terms of political power, the manosphere/reactosphere doesn’t talk much about the importance of violence.

      It’s not enough to lift weights and bang slatterns. Human societies change painfully, violently, by means of great sacrifice.

      Of course, if you’re *planning* violence, it’s probably a bad strategy to blog about it beforehand. But if you’re planning on avoiding violence, you might have to give up on changing society.

      Attempting to change the real world without violence is a big topic, and possibly I might blog about it.


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