The Pause That Refreshes

After my 12-day trip through Alaska, I began working on a post about how Alaska, or a piece of it, may in future make a likely place for a Neoreactionary State. I also have some ideas about other territories and areas in the U.S. that show promise as a place to put NRx theorie into praxis.

As I tapped keys, however, it occurred to me that I needed this bit of information and that, and shortly I decided that I really ought to further my education before further bloviations about my own brilliant and original ideas…so I’m reading through some parts of The Canon and refreshing my weary mind, before beginning the Major Portion of my blogging here.

I will continue to concentrate on implementation, which I believe I have a useful perspective on, but first I want a better grounding for the base of the ladder, so that when I begin to really sling it, standing on a higher step won’t cause the thing to throw me in the mud.

In addition to the Canon, for those who want something direct, I thought this, from More Right, was very useful (h/t Avenging Red Hand).

Added: I joined Twitter a few days ago, @neovictorian23. I find it useful, if used sparingly…

4 thoughts on “The Pause That Refreshes

  1. I am an Alaskan.

    There are some benefits to communities in Alaska, but they do not outweigh the cons.

    It would be a good place ‘to man up’ if your capable of growing in such an environment, but 12 days ain’t shit during a bipolar winter.

    Spend 3 months at -30 average and you won’t ever desire to return.

    Nice blog, subbed via feedly, and I concur that the observations of neoreaction actually require some implementation but if youre going to setup communities Alaska might not be the best place.

    You could maybe get blue collar guys to convert other blue collars up here (since political centers are distributed and our ultra-religious politics are ripe for alt.right ideas) but get a centralized location somewhere that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself,


  2. I’ll spill the beans–I am an Alaskan, as well. And yes, a lot of the state is very cold in the winter, but that could be a plus. People who value living in a healthy society more than mere comfort would pass through the filters, so to speak. The conditions would prevent a major influx of the weak and the lazy if the Alaskan “city-state” was wealthy and successful. Or attempted influx; of course any entity like this would have very selective immigration policies.


    • Ok let’s go with this Assumption (although a distributed phyle -> spacesteading ala Gerard k oniel is my preference) that Alaska would be a good place to setup a society.

      A. Lots of federal land. Could be slightly problematic, but one could just reverse what they did with Russia and purchase an area to homestead.

      B. architecture. Most building here ate inefficient as fuck. Combine a focus on efficiency, geothermal, solar, and oil with the need for self-sustaining food towers and that alone would be a draw.

      C. Hard life + radical traditional culture + laizze faire system = possibly badass. Similar to the desert people of dune.

      D. Far enough north for possible launch pads

      E. like you mentioned not easily co opted by the lazy

      F. Rich in natural resources

      G. Relatively empty

      H. Easy access to trade with the east.

      F. Minimal issues with disease and parasites,

      G. Possibly badass use of Zeppelins (especially with limited roads)

      H. Leftists wouldn’t care and cathederal would be slow to mobilize against Nrx think tank society.

      I. A 4th turning event, as long as food and fuel are available, would not be as destructive or noticed that much by Ana Alaskan population.

      J. Gorgeous.

      On the other hand:

      Permafrost, awful winters, SADS, lack of year round food production, hardy land, current ownership via US, extreme upfront capital requirements, limited (although partially extended by long summer days) building time, lack of infrastructure, expense of movement, difficulty in keeping youth up here, shipping problematic without Zeppelins.

      It would really depend on 4 major factors:

      Political feelings toward remote federal land versus need for cash in Washington

      Capital accumulation and ability to setup infrastructure fairly quickly

      Possibility of getting a phyle with at least 10k people and strong effective virtuous leadership in position quickly

      Engineering hurdles and what locations would work.

      It may be plausible but would require further analysis and comparison to other sites.


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