Possible NRx Territories: Alaska

(The first of a series; places that are the most likely to be congenial to the establishment of a more or less neoreactionary regime).

I have lived in Alaska for many years, and have grown to appreciate some reasons it may be a congenial place to establish some type of sovereign neoreactionary order. These same reasons apply to certain other parts of the U.S., and other parts of the world, which we’ll look at in later entries.

An earlier post outlined some practical aspects of establishing a sovereign neoreationary regime/government (or a reasonable facsimile thereof), and some possibilities:

I see these options, either currently available or becoming available during the historical/technological developments of the next 10-20 years: 1) Taking over the machinery of an existing nation-state; 2) Taking over the machinery of an existing U.S. state (something like the Free State Project); 3) Seasteading/Spacesteading 4) The NR as a world-distributed phyle a la The Diamond Age; 5) A city-state in America 3.0.

From my U.S. point of view, 1) is highly, highly unlikely, 3) only a little less so, 4) is already happening a little at a time (here’s a draft Oath you might want to consider); and some combination of 2) and 5) seem to be not only reasonable but practical, when the time is ripe.

So, a few words about the Free State Project are in order, because I was seriously considering joining back when it got going in 2001-2. There were lively message boards with a lot of smart people and witty talk regarding where and how to try and set it up; the main problem turned out to be…democracy. Wyoming was the completely obvious choice based on population and culture, but apparently a bunch of East Coasters didn’t want to be in some place so far separated from the Kulturny and New Hampshire was voted in. Since that date, of course, perhaps 10 Blue Staters have arrived in NH for every Libertarian, completely blowing the idea–which some of us pointed out back then.

Anyway, they throw a good party.

The general method of concentrating agreeable people into a small geographical area is a good one. Web communities are great organizing tools, but eventually you have to turn off the computer and go outside to real life, and if that includes graffitied, littered, unsafe streets, no sense of community with your neighbors, high taxes flowing to those who contribute little…well, that’s the lot of many millions in the vibrant, multicultural areas of Europe, North America, Australia and other spots around the globe. Friends on the internet can help one bear these circumstances, but no one wants to live like this for a lifetime. If a really safe, prosperous, ethical and free community was established somewhere in the world I have no doubt that tens or hundreds of thousands of the right kind of people would want to come.

So, why Alaska? What are the specific characteristics that might make possible the formation of a neoreactionary polity (city-state? We shall leave that discussion for later).

  • Existing majority independent/conservative/libertarian political culture (e.g., voted heavily against Obama).
  • Huge undeveloped areas of land available for settlement, if developing a completely new community is contemplated (FedGov owns most of it, but it can’t even stop people from blowing dope all day, as of now).
  • A number of pleasant small towns and small cities, where a concentration of NRs would soon have the ability to run things (and a good many locals may already be aligned).
  • A climate cold enough or wet enough (in some areas, both) to screen out the “sunshine patriots” and “fairweather friends.” This is not a bug, but a feature, as only the dedicated are going to leave the temperate zones.
  • Tremendous natural beauty, wilderness, fish and game resources.
  • Physical separation from the continental U.S. (while this is more psychological than real, there are no “progressive” states that would freak out over some “fascists” setting up a polity nearby).

And of course, there are also obstacles and possible negative factors:

  • Alaska’s current economy is heavily dependent on oil (high world prices) and FedGov net tax inflows. Both of these are subject to sudden disruption and change, which could lead to economic depression. Any potential NR community needs an economic plan to be prosperous independent of these factors.
  • Because of geography, distance and transportation issues Alaska is a high cost area for goods and services (though perhaps no higher than Manhattan). There is almost no manufacturing base. Most modern products and foodstuffs must be imported from long distances. Any NR polity or city/state would be vulnerable to economic and physical blockade.
  • Distance from rest of “civilization” would probably discourage a large proportion of potential residents, even compared to Wyoming or other Western U.S. location.

Alaska has some unique and intriguing features to offer as a base for the Neoreaction (and fellow travelers who might not adopt the label but would like to live in the community).

Some of these same pluses and minuses apply to other remote/rural locations, both in the U.S. and in other nations. I would be most interested to hear comments on Alaska, and suggestions for other geographical areas to consider.

10 thoughts on “Possible NRx Territories: Alaska

  1. I had been having some thoughts on Alaska myself. Perhaps a neoreactionary city-state could set up a fishing outfit to help with blockade/oil dependency issues. The sea around Alaska provides many useful products,from medicines, to animal oils, to food.

    Alaska looks very promising from my point of view,with the potential to even become a (seasonal) world trade hub,if the infrastructure were developed.The formidable terrain forms a natural barrier,not much good in today’s world,but it’s still psychologically reassuring.


  2. Problems with Alaska: A big part of independence is food independence. It is probably almost impossible to get food to grow that far north. If you are importing everything you use, and must spend large amounts of money for heating and travel, then you aren’t very independent.

    What about a place like Kentucky? Beautiful horse country. It is conservative/libertarian with tremendous right-to-bear-arms culture, a breadbasket for growing or raising anything you might imagine. It’s actually conceivable to become self-sufficient in a place like that.

    Utah is good, it would seem. Liberty and self sufficiency seem almost written into the Mormon religion.


  3. NRx in Alaska

    Warning: I have been thinking about such ideas so I have some long winded ramblings.

    Before one honestly deals with the conception of Alaskan Implementation the goal, from in implementation, needs to be considered.

    “If we desire to actually live under a regime more congenial to our NR nature than the USG (or God help you, the EU) we need a practical vision for implementation”

    So the goal is to develop a plan of action that can practically develop a leadership structure (thede, tribe, phyle, city state, etc etc) which is more in keeping with the preferences of those that reject all, or many, precepts of modernity.

    The more-right post is much more specific in what it refers to as leadership structure:

    “1) Group of ~100 wealthy, well-connected people to be founders of a new country, like the Constitutional Congress.

    2) Group of 10,000+ people who actually want to form a new country or will at least go along with it happily. Ideally more like twenty million.
    Different strategies are needed to establish each group. Group 1 needs detailed arguments, practical plans, deep ideological agreement, and a huge stack of papers that set out the basic legal and administrative order of the country. High IQ, well-educated territory. Not for mass consumption. A list of officials for the new country would also need to be drawn up.

    Group 2 needs enthusiasm and friendship more than anything intellectual. Personal, social solidarity. A general vague idea of the point behind the country. Detailed legal or administrative arguments will not be needed. The less theoretical detail they need to know, the better. Their role is not to participate in the government, but just live their lives in a new society that functions normally.”

    With 3 important things being communicated:

    1.) This conception is for a city state or burgeoning nation

    2.) That in such context an aristocratic group of highly
    educated/intelligent/ and virtuous wealthy individuals develop the legal, ideological, and governing paradigm is necessary for foundation

    3.) And given 1 and 2 you need a population of people you want to actually live with who all just wna to live in a functional society with minimal problems associated with modernity

    However with that said I am still going to stick with the vaguer leadership structure because there is something to say about that.
    I am a big proponent of David Allens GTD system, especially the Natural Planning Model, which you can find in this PDF on page #69 http://www.swissviet.com/Getting_Things_Done.pdf

    In summary the method is just the application of 5 stages
    1 | Defining purpose and principles
    2 | Outcome visioning
    3 | Brainstorming
    4 | Organizing
    5 | Identifying next actions
    So stage one is meant to ask:


    Why in the world should the NRx even worry about implementation? NRx is just a loose association of bloggers, twits, and redditors reacting to modernity, why should we care about implementation of anything even resembling some of our observations?

    We need to define the actual victory conditions
    The creation of a functioning (as in friends, family, women, work, culture, etc etc) community made up of people whose preferences reject all, or many, precepts of modernity. An effective, functional, NRx community. Within 10 years (as to take advantage of the 4th turning and to be pragmatic)

    This sounds like a good first draft goal.
    Standards or Principles?.

    What are the principles of the implementation? Here are a few
    1. Have a clear formalized hierarchy
    2. Don’t fuck people out of money
    3. Don’t allow injustice
    4. Focused on community and overall purpose instead of falling to dogma
    5. Follow through

    I don’t know what all the standards would be, but set a few that are easy to understand and remember.

    Outcome envisioning.

    So The next 4 stages are just taking ideas of what you want, and putting them to the test. Before I go onto what I would like to see, I have to make mention of what I mean by community. When I say community I am referring to the multilevel social system that humans are a part of today.

    The Individual (you)

    “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman. The individual is the most numerous, but the most easy to change. The individual is the center of thought, action, belief, dogma, preference. All of it. Only those who have the preference and capacity for an NRx society will join one. Beyond using institutions to reinforce the necessary values the most you can do is filter for the high quality people out there. The social hierarchy of one.

    The Family (wife and kids)

    The family is, for this discussion, the generation of the individual with at least one younger and one older generation is consideration. Children, Parents, Grandparents, close geographically aunts,uncles, and cousins. The purpose of this institution is to actually make children, fund children, and instill primal values. Can be considered the social hierarchy of closely genetically related individuals
    The fraternity (The bros/the workplace/the esoteric order)
    This form of organization is not seen often outside of college campuses but it used to be very important for aristocratic groups and became potent (because of mutual aid) for the common man around the end of the 19th century and up to midway through the 20th . It offers an organizational pattern that allows you to get shit done and also achieve things amongst brothers with less need to be as worried about your actions in a social context. The social hierarchy of men (or women in sororities) in relation to a hobby, discipline, or work
    The Tribe (Friends families/ extended family/also the church)
    The tribe is all those people that you know well-ish that fall under dunbars number. The 50-150 people that make up what you would consider your local community. Any institution that gathers that number of people on a regular basis with a ritualized interaction process would fit. Be it church, extended family, political troupe, educational alliance, neighbors, etc etc)

    The City(your home)

    This is much more vague in terms of population but it is the amalgam of communities around a central hub. Probably a 20 sq mile area is a good starting point. There will probably be a great deal of difference between tribes but the function of trade will probably pacify many differences as long as there isn’t active immigrant conquest.
    The Nation (the distinction between you and extreme foriegners)
    At this stage city, nation, and phyle become less distinct from each other. They are all meta level distinction’s between groups based on culture, race, and geographic location, A nation is a specific geographic location usually comprised of many city states but it could be distributed like a phyle, or tiny like a city state. This is the last level of clear property level formalization.

    The Phyle (your culture)

    The tribe writ large. If the tribe ‘s culture is accepted by enough other tribes it can form a meta-tribe known as a phyle. This is the basic tenets and cultural values of a group that is presented to the whole world. It is not location specific, but it usually has a capital of influence and geographic control. It was developed in thi diamond age and la wik has some further clarification:

    “Society in The Diamond Age is dominated by a number of phyles, also sometimes called tribes. Phyles are groups of people often distinguished by shared values, similar ethnic heritage, a common religion, or other cultural similarities. In the extremely globalized future depicted in the novel, these cultural divisions have largely supplanted the system of nation-states that divides the world today. Cities in The Diamond Age appear divided into sovereign enclaves affiliated or belonging to different phyles within a single metropolis. Most phyles depicted in the novel have a global scope of sovereignty, and maintain segregated enclaves in or near many cities throughout the world.”

    So since the goal seems to be

    The creation of a functioning (as in friends, family, women, work, culture, etc etc) community made up of people whose preferences reject all, or many, precepts of modernity. An effective, functional, NRx community. Within 10 years (as to take advantage of the 4th turning and to be pragmatic)

    Or ‘make an NRx approved virtous and effective form of governace’
    And the multiple levels of social interaction and governace seem to be described, lets describe the preferred outcome.

    In 40 years I want to see a variety of city states, seasteads, oniel cylinders, and non-liberal non-democratic states all over the world that all have varieties of formalized governance that easily trade and arbitrate disputes through general free trade and poly centric law.
    On an individual level

    I would like to see men with maximal freedom possible without destroying the effectiveness or virtous nature of the preferred government. Men who can find work, or make work, who have incentives to extend their own time preference long enough for them to be able to build rather than dwell in hedonism.

    The individual level doesn’t bother me to much, Men and Women who want to live virtuously and enjoy their time on earth who aren’t totally ignorant or malicious is a tall order so Im not looking for more.

    On a familial level

    The familial level is grandparents to grandchildren. I would like to see more normal gibbon style monogmany going on in the society. More mothers (since wealth correlates with declining birth rate you have to fight that shit) and more stable households. Actually making the family a long term monetary investing entity. Legally similar to a partnership but it acts as a way of providing economic and cultural value from both the Men and the Women. Given technological development and retirement attitudes there should be a different path other than the French laziness or puritan worked to the bone attitudes. People should have focus on maximizing growth, minimizing fatigue, and balancing active/passive saving/spending cycles for personal energy. This would probably translate to people working longer but instead of a big retirement people are more likely to take sabbaticals and mini retirements then stop working. There will also be cycling of family and work so that elder relatives will more and more drift from their exterior economic jobs and go towards more household/housecorp/child rearing/ tribal responsibilities. Due to the nature of grandparents being easier able to interact with the generation once removed from them there should be a larger role on such familial relationships. Children are protected as they are in gibbon relations but the rite of manhood/womanhood is much more explicit and behaviors are changed so that once the child hits puberty they are treated as fully fledged adults and given challenges to test their vigor and potency as they make their way to physical adulthood. The relationships are meant to establish connections to values and culture on a personal level. There isn’t much meta analysis of such an arrangement, it should be as simplistic and primal as possible as it serves as the balancing and driving force of the phyle.

    On a fraternal level

    There are multiple fraternal levels. I would definitely like to see sports and Olympic style personal challenge and training entering back into the normal (within 2 standard deviations) population as clubs of men. This may be an offshoot of a different club but the physicality would be cool to see more prominent. For hobby clubs I think it would be cool to see more and allow an environment where groups of 5-30 men or women can gather over a shared interest and persue it to wherever they want. I would also enjoy a more personal corporate environment. Modern legal rules for corporations wouldn’t exist, but my point is that it needs to be an environment that calls to the best in men. To be able to encourage trust and reliability among the group. There may be naturally occurring castes where fraternities lie, but Im far to American to desire it in any strong sense. Esoteric and political fraternities will have to exist for any of this actually occur, but if fraternity is widely encouraged there isn’t a great amount advantage gained. I want to see men working with men, being beholden to men, networking, and actually having functioning formal relationships in organizations that can affect real change.

    On a communal level

    I want to see communities. Now the amount of people actually involved in a community can vary. It be 1 tribe or a few dozen. However I think that the community will be more worried about institutions and the way individuals care about their neighbors as dunbars number caps out at 150. I want to see gyms, bars, smoke shops, local businesses, local manufacturing, local food production, churches, fraternal offices, coffee shops, youth hangouts, art everywhere, people hanging around the town. I want to see people actually giving a shit about more than just themselves or immediate relatives. To care about where they live and the legacy they’ll leave. There should of course be some people (especially property owners,) who should be responsible for this, but the whole community should care. There should be care for cyclical history, technological development, spiritual and physical development, education, and competition. There should be an aesthetic tone. This can be born of the morals, the church, the struggles, the environment, but there should be a style and mythology for each of the local communities. They are obviously subservient to the city and the phyle when it comes to trends but there is always something unique they can see.

    On a city level. Also state and phyle.

    I want to see beautiful, functioning, just cities. I want the communities to function together but also be able to friendly compete with one another. I want the city to facilitate trade but have a hierarchal virtuous class that can push what needs to be pushed for the city. This extends more into state level discourse but the governing structure will be formal, clean, hierarchal, and effective at governing and organizing disparate groups. There are some mandates that the state can push through however most of the law is done on the common law tort level. If someone has been wronged justice makes its way there. The economics are also crypo locked so that the state cant make massive changes to the economy. This anarchy proofing of the society on the local level and promoting independent legal and economic tools really keeps the states incentives similar to the kings of yore. This leads to the guilds (high level economic fraternities), aristocracy (virtuous and superior men. Wealth doesn’t dictate aristocracy) , merchant houses (high level wealthy mercantilists) who are the resource base for the phyle. The educational establishment is heavily decentralized and incentivized to be argumentative on all points. The more scientific and testable the ideas are the more they are moved into the likes of trade schools and policy discussion, the more abstract they are the more it is recommend that it fraternalizes and holds debates. Education is a massive factor in society and its policies go all the way to the family. It is community provided, but not state socialized. The phyle takes the people and gives them a higher ideal to reach and a way for their culture to stably exist around the world. Whenever citizens travel they can always find their phyle and its own city that they can rely on.

    The phyle in particular would have a mythological foundation with Christian roots preferably for me. It would be on space and on land. It would probably focus much more on old school anarcho-institutionalism with a very esoteric style joint stock republic structure. Really what it becomes is up to the heroes, the location, the artists, and the people of the phyle. Neo evolan post-hoppean tory anarchism sounds like a few things I would like to see for sure. I think I would enjoy an archeofuturist oniel cylinder that although it would probably be heavily indo European (hopefully celto/german/boer/high functioning foreign) I can see there being a eugenic style immigration for high quality individuals of all origins.

    I want to see many phyles and trad nations that can trade and compete and communicate. I want there to be that. Growth, evolution. I really would like all of this, but I know it must evolve and develop slowly and organically. It cant just be created ex nihlo by a Great Society.
    I actually know that the only way you can even get close to such a dream is to build a secret fraternity that can gather
    1. Ideology
    2. Personal connections
    3. Political influence
    4. Economic resources

    So while it is important to consider the location, the political influence and the long term viability are the main factors for your location.
    So with the desired goal, an outcome vision, and a dose of reality we can begin a brainstorm.
    Im not going to do this here.
    But it needs to be started. Maybe a google doc or a pirate pad for specific users. I wish mind mapping apps were more cloud friendly. I know neovictorian is doing something similar in future posts and this first post is meant to inspire people.

    So the next step is to begin to brainstorm the actually creation of a community would want to live in. Note that the NRx should not be concerned with this, as they need to be working on ideology and ideological tools, but many people don’t want to meta analyze possible politics, they want to work towards a neo traditional society. Why not open the floor to allow discussion and brainstorming? Honestly it’s a multi decade approach with the tried true method (fraternity leading to social change) so theres no harm in it.

    I personally am more concerned with fraternal then phyle generation and I have preference for developing with the boers as they are the most explicit white culture that is boned over by modernity, they are most likely to be neo-trad friendly and willing to work towards it attainment. There are also advantage to Africa.

    That said I am an Alaskan so there are certain cost benefits Ive described in a previous comment I will describe here:

    Ok let’s go with this Assumption (although a distributed phyle -> spacesteading ala Gerard k oniel is my preference) that Alaska would be a good place to setup a society.

    A. Lots of federal land. Could be slightly problematic, but one could just reverse what they did with Russia and purchase an area to homestead.

    B. architecture. Most building here ate inefficient as fuck. Combine a focus on efficiency, geothermal, solar, and oil with the need for self-sustaining food towers and that alone would be a draw.

    C. Hard life + radical traditional culture + laizze faire system = possibly badass. Similar to the desert people of dune.

    D. Far enough north for possible launch pads

    E. like you mentioned not easily co opted by the lazy

    F. Rich in natural resources

    G. Relatively empty

    H. Easy access to trade with the east.

    F. Minimal issues with disease and parasites,

    G. Possibly badass use of Zeppelins (especially with limited roads)

    H. Leftists wouldn’t care and cathederal would be slow to mobilize against Nrx think tank society.

    I. A 4th turning event, as long as food and fuel are available, would not be as destructive or noticed that much by Ana Alaskan population.

    J. Gorgeous.

    On the other hand:

    Permafrost, awful winters, SADS, lack of year round food production, hardy land, current ownership via US, extreme upfront capital requirements, limited (although partially extended by long summer days) building time, lack of infrastructure, expense of movement, difficulty in keeping youth up here, shipping problematic without Zeppelins.

    It would really depend on 4 major factors:

    Political feelings toward remote federal land versus need for cash in Washington

    Capital accumulation and ability to setup infrastructure fairly quickly

    Possibility of getting a phyle with at least 10k people and strong effective virtuous leadership in position quickly

    Engineering hurdles and what locations would work.

    It may be plausible but would require further analysis and comparison to other sites.


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  6. Most of Alaska is owned by the federal government, and most of the remainder is owned by the state government and native tribes. Very little is privately, or municipally, owned.


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