Strangely, My Comment Was Not Approved

After I posted about White Nationalism I noticed Word Press had some suggestions on related topics and posts, and had a look at a few things. This caught my eye:

Fairy tales for privileged kids: “the anti-white racist”

Well, I think we know what’s coming, do we not? However, the opener was exceptionally…amusing:

A disclaimer before we begin: what I’m about to talk about here are facts. This means they are not up for debate. There are not multiple sides to this story. You are not owed a “reasonable discussion” about this, nor will I “agree to disagree” with you. I’m talking about things that are abjectly, incontrovertibly true. Okay? Okay.

Let’s start things off with a little mathematical proof:

(A) RACISM = [racial prejudice] * [institutional power]

(B) SUM OF [institutional power] held by black people = 0

sub (B) into (A)

RACISM against white people = [racial prejudice] * 0

therefore RACISM against white people = 0

Well, sure. The facts are the facts, after all. Incontrovertibly. Anyway, you can probably write the rest in your mind yourself, obviating the need to actually read the entirely predictable drivel.

However, I did read through and even was moved to comment, simply because some sense of mischief was stirred. Every echo-chamber needs a kick from time to time, if only to see what falls out…so I left this comment:

When you get to define the “facts” that are not up for debate a priori, you can certainly have a real good time for the rest of your piece.

Let’s take one step back; why is all institutional power held by whites? Did everyone else just allow it to happen? Was everyone else defeated by white technology that whites were just lucky to acquire because of Germs, Guns and Steel?

I’d strongly advise you not to look at this too closely. It’s much safer to remain in the echo chamber here, railing against the cruel and unexplained (don’t look too closely!) FACT that whites Run It.

There’s a reason that Colonel Kurtz is left muttering “The horror! The horror!” in Heart of Darkness, but that’s just some story written by a Dead White Male, so I’m sure it has nothing to show you. Don’t. Look. Too. CLOSELY.

Strangely, after sitting in moderation for an hour or so, my comment disappeared. My comment was not APPROVED. However, if Ms. Kahn would care to comment here, I will heartily approve whatever she wants to say, even if it’s a painful, invective-laden personal attack on my penis, whiteness, or parentage.

Bring it on. Somehow, I have my doubts we’ll ever hear from her again.

12 thoughts on “Strangely, My Comment Was Not Approved

  1. Good on you for trying. I have to admit, when confronted with such mind-boggling closed-mindedness and refusal to engage in reality, my mind gets…boggled. There can be no reasoning with such people, which concerns me, because history shows that the only alternatives to reconciliation are tolerance (which they aren’t too keen on), and violence.


    • I reblogged it. That always works.

      That said, I’ve cleaned most such nonsense from by life. Were I faced with such a person spouting such an argument to my hearing, I might find myself jailed for my visceral response.


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  3. I think your comment makes you sound like an asshole. If I had a blog, I wouldn’t want some asshole’s comment to pollute my blog-space either.

    I agree that the introduction to her post is aggressive and a little silly. But maybe she’s writing in such a way for the same reason that you are writing in the same way in this post that makes *you* look silly and someone not to be taken seriously, i.e. a self-righteous ass-hole with whom no interesting, productive dialogue could take place. Y’all would probably get along if you weren’t ideologically opposed, which is sadly ironic because it doesn’t seem to me that letting go of this ideological baggage should be that hard for anyone, but especially for you, whose life is probably pretty easy and good.

    What’s the point of subscribing to what seems to me an ideology of racial elitism? Like, sure, white people have done pretty well for some reason, but going forward, why do we have to continue to behave like jerks? Why can’t we give it to these people who’ve suffered under white rule, that is yes it’s sucked for them because white people have historically behaved like jerks, and now we can, like, stop behaving that way??? Why is this so hard???

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      • Haha! I didn’t realize I wrote it with a hyphen there. So the hyphen doesn’t add any meaning and if it did I don’t know what it would be… dang and now I’m trying to figure out why my brain put it there which is a really silly thought exercise around the word asshole. Thanks & Cheers 🙂


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