Henry Dampier and a Better Alternative

I have been remiss in not including everyone I should have on the blogroll. I’ll be expanding it properly over the next few days. One such is Henry Dampier; this has now been corrected.

Here’s his foundational post:

However, this blog will not be operating on the assumption that increasing the knowledge of the readership will magically halt the degenerative ratchet. We don’t put much truck in the elevating powers of education ’round these parts. There’s no halting the doom of the West. No combination of books, Youtube videos, blog posts, or sarcastic tweets will, by themselves, make exit — and the possibility of glorious rebirth — possible.

What will make that possible is the cohering of communities off of the internet capable of fending for themselves in the troubled times to come. Escaping doom is the end, and writing is only one of the means towards achieving it.

I hope that my work will be useful to you & those you care about.

Indeed it is.

His recent post is an excellent analysis of Elite Multiculturalism, sited firmly on a foundation of Moldbuggian Atheistic Protestantism, but with his own striking cultural insights; his connection of Lena Dunham with our upcoming U.S. policy “elites” is a new insight to me–and not a reassuring one.

However, reality is what’s needed now, and Dampier is a clear-eyed explorer of it. We could benefit from 100 more like him.

His conclusion:

The current system is held together by a shallow, cynical spirituality combined with terror at the lack of stable, comprehensible alternatives. Today’s leaders pay $50,000 a plate because the only credible man who can allay those fears is Barack Obama and the ochlocratic bureaucracy that he represents.

Constructing a better alternative will not be easy, but it is possible. And it must be done.

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