Laissez Faire City

I’ve stated from the modest beginnings of this blog that I was particularly concerned with “implementation” of principles and practices that allow and encourage human flourishing. There are certainly enough excellent theoreticians of the NRx (see the links bar).

So it was with particular interest that I ran across this, via an ad at Christopher Cantwell’s site: The Constitution of Government in Galt’s Gulch. To a former Anarcho-Libertarian-Randian Übermensch (yeah, check your premises, baby), of course the title and description were pure clickbait:

Comparison of utopian fiction presented in Atlas Shrugged and the actual experience of living in a private community beyond the reach of government. Examines theory and practical real-world aspects of liberty, property, constitutional law and national security in the context of a fully free society. Presents a novel proposal to fund national security by private enterprise that does not rely upon (and has no legal right to impose) taxes. Extensive discussion of property as a moral office of responsibility to advance the general welfare by offering employment. The book is addressed to Objectivists and libertarians, and it offers a new theory of value and virtue that considers individual character, personal ambition, and risk of change. Discussion of constitutional law includes loyalties beyond the law, fundamental rights, due process, and persistent presumption of innocence.

Just as interesting, in perusing the free “look inside” it turned out that the “actual experience” of the author, the pseudomynous “Wolf DeVoon,” was in a place called “Laissez Faire City,” some sort of mountain redoubt in Costa Rica.

The actual LFC website and links seem to have been scrubbed a long time ago (yeah I know, Wayback Machine; I’ll get to it later) but I did find this item from the Seasteading Institute, this report, a little help-wanted ad, some interesting clews on a Bitcoin discussion board, and much more discussion here. (ADDED: A history, in Spanish). I didn’t read it all yet but it intrigues me that I don’t recall hearing about it in the 1990s-early 2000s, and it looks to me like there are some serious “lessons learned” to be had from the rise and fall of the enterprise. Namely, it may have started out as a private Free State, morphed into a data haven and died in a welter of fraud, suicide and prison terms.

It rather reminds me of Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. I wonder if he drew anything from it for his book?

Do any readers remember hearing about LFC when it was a going concern? And does anyone have additional knowledge of where the principals ended up (those who are still alive and avoided prison, anyway)?

I don’t have DeVoon’s book in hand yet, but I’ll let you know of anything especially relevant.

An Historical Perspective: The 1970s v. 2010s

I gather that I’m older than most of the NRx, so events before, say, the 1990s are not just images on a screen or words in books to me. Hell, I Was There!

Cyclical theories of history are quite old, though they’ve gotten more mathematically sophisticated in the digital era. Strauss and Howe’s Generational Theory is another example. Most progressives hate this idea, because it posits that civilizational events are subject to forces beyond the control of government spending, school indoctrination and big media telling people what’s important.

Most of those who might describe themselves as Darkly Enlightened seem to agree that in a number of ways, in 2014, society sucks. Materially, we’re at least “okay” in the West, but socially; single momhood, “hip hop” misogyny, wall to wall porn, homosexual “marriage” on network television, speech codes and fake rape charges on college campuses, fake hate crimes, young men on “mental health” drugs exploding into mass murder…etc. Continue reading

Into the Wilderness

I’m going to be out in the Wilds of Alaska (though not “Into the Wild“; what a putz) for the next week to 10 days. I may be able to read the WWW sometimes, depending on location, but am unlikely to post anything from my phone…

Lately, I’ve posted a couple of pieces that may have seemed esoteric or, perhaps, downright inscrutable. Today at his periodic Week in Reaction, the estimable Steves linked to someone simpatico; perhaps reading this will help make clear.

If not, that’s the way it goes. When I get back, I will seek to progress the understanding a little more.

When going to the wild places in Alaska, I always carry a quality rifle of at least 30-06-class power, or greater. Also, a magnum pistol and a good knife.

No matter where you happen to live, I recommend you have at least one of each, as well. One never knows when the progressive wolf will be at the door…

I Have Seen the Fnords

And you should consider (think carefully; the consequences are unclear!) seeing the fnords, too.

I know we’re all very sober Neoreactionaries here, hard men of staunch character, Men of Iron.

But the World (Die Welt) is not merely molecules and atoms and quarks, for God’s sake. What the hell is a quark, anyway? As Feynman almost said–it’s a theorie. Spend more time on building your mind and less on quarks. Die Welt includes all matter, all energy, all thought, from Beginning to End.

If I had my way, all the people who want to talk to me, talk seriously, would read this seven times.

Remember: True Initiation never ends.

(We intend to return more practical matters, like thrashing our enemies, next week. But this needed to be said. If it didn’t make any sense to you, fear not; it usually doesn’t).

Homosexuals Have (Officially) Replaced Blacks at Apex of Victimhood

AS the perceptive have been saying for years. Behold, and experience the cognitive dissonance:

The headline should read: Black man who replaced Hollywood sodomist as commencement speaker is put on leave, and now Pasadena City College is reinviting Hollywood sodomist.

I really like the cut of Dr. Eric Walsh’s jib. He called Disney a Dark Empire of superstition and witchcraft. Which it is. But, worst of all, he criticized homosexuality.

Therefore, he obviously shouldn’t be allowed to supervise restaurant inspections.  Continue reading