Homosexuals Have (Officially) Replaced Blacks at Apex of Victimhood

AS the perceptive have been saying for years. Behold, and experience the cognitive dissonance:

The headline should read: Black man who replaced Hollywood sodomist as commencement speaker is put on leave, and now Pasadena City College is reinviting Hollywood sodomist.

I really like the cut of Dr. Eric Walsh’s jib. He called Disney a Dark Empire of superstition and witchcraft. Which it is. But, worst of all, he criticized homosexuality.

Therefore, he obviously shouldn’t be allowed to supervise restaurant inspections. 

All of this was sparked by Nick Land’s post:

“Privilege” as a form of attack is going to generate an aggressive, non-violent counter response from those on the right, in the not too distant future. A response that will only serve to increase divisions and make the possibility of any meaningful debate impossible.

For the Outer Right, this outcome would, of course, be highly desirable.

Full original post by John Robb here.

Sometimes I don’t think our NRx friends truly appreciate that the worse the Left gets, the better for us in the long run. If more Black doctors get “suspended” because they preach the Bible, we might have a lot more Black friends and allies in the future.

On my view of human nature, a absolute requirement that everyone “celebrate” men shoving their penises in other men’s rectums is a big loser, long term.

3 thoughts on “Homosexuals Have (Officially) Replaced Blacks at Apex of Victimhood

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  2. The Flogging Miley series is essentially about the CIA and it’s long standing torture and brainwashing programs, and how that is reflected in popular culture.

    I just got lazy and never finished it.


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