I Have Seen the Fnords

And you should consider (think carefully; the consequences are unclear!) seeing the fnords, too.

I know we’re all very sober Neoreactionaries here, hard men of staunch character, Men of Iron.

But the World (Die Welt) is not merely molecules and atoms and quarks, for God’s sake. What the hell is a quark, anyway? As Feynman almost said–it’s a theorie. Spend more time on building your mind and less on quarks. Die Welt includes all matter, all energy, all thought, from Beginning to End.

If I had my way, all the people who want to talk to me, talk seriously, would read this seven times.

Remember: True Initiation never ends.

(We intend to return more practical matters, like thrashing our enemies, next week. But this needed to be said. If it didn’t make any sense to you, fear not; it usually doesn’t).

4 thoughts on “I Have Seen the Fnords

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