Into the Wilderness

I’m going to be out in the Wilds of Alaska (though not “Into the Wild“; what a putz) for the next week to 10 days. I may be able to read the WWW sometimes, depending on location, but am unlikely to post anything from my phone…

Lately, I’ve posted a couple of pieces that may have seemed esoteric or, perhaps, downright inscrutable. Today at his periodic Week in Reaction, the estimable Steves linked to someone simpatico; perhaps reading this will help make clear.

If not, that’s the way it goes. When I get back, I will seek to progress the understanding a little more.

When going to the wild places in Alaska, I always carry a quality rifle of at least 30-06-class power, or greater. Also, a magnum pistol and a good knife.

No matter where you happen to live, I recommend you have at least one of each, as well. One never knows when the progressive wolf will be at the door…

5 thoughts on “Into the Wilderness

    • Nick–I am neither the “Into the Wild” putz (RIP) or the post-Nietzschean fellow. But his other post (previous to the one you linked to) delved into some metaphysics that I thought would, err, illuminate some of my latest menaderings.


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