The Servile Mind

Today’s quick note–I came across this book and thought it so right up the NRx alley I was surprised I’d never heard of it before, that I can remember. The late author seems to have been quite a wonderful character:

Minogue wrote academic essays and books on a great range of problems in political theory. His 1963 book The Liberal Mind, about the perversion of the liberal label by radical leftists became popular internationally. Minogue argued that genuine liberalism rests on the tradition of thinkers like Adam SmithBenjamin ConstantAdam FergusonAlexis de TocquevilleJohn Stuart Mill et al., who built the foundation for a conservative perspective. Minogue defended civility, decency, and moderation against globalists and leftists, and advocated an honest and transparent public sphere where individuals can freely pursue their own ideas of happiness.

The Servile Mind: How Democracy Erodes the Moral Life


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