I Seem to be in WordPress Purgatory (UPDATED)

UPDATE III 10/02/14: I just made a comment at Outside in and it took. Ooo-Rah! I never found out if anyone Reported me to the Authorities, but I am more inclined to believe that some “expert system” at Akismet (spam blocker) blocked me. I went through their rigamarole and got unblocked.

Look out, I have a lot of comment “pent-up demand!”

UPDATE II 9/30/14: Someone from WordPress has responded, to give credit where due, but we don’t seem to be all the way back to normal yet.

UPDATED 9/30/14: The Legionnaire pointed out that my comments have been going to spam folders on his site (and apparently everywhere else). Also, thanks to Vulture of Critique and tteclod for their assistance. While this is not technically a complete “block” it’s certainly a way to suppress the comments. I suspect someone who didn’t like something I wrote reported me, and since WordPress still hasn’t responded to any of my communications, who knows?

So; I haven’t been able to post a comment using my WP neovictorian23 account for about 10 days. I write out the comment, press “submit” and boom, into the ether it goes, never to be seen again.

Even better, when I tried all the help and so on, my question of what’s up was “still not answered” so I tried posting it to a “forum” (the only help I can find seems to be “forums”; I still haven’t managed to contact anyone who works for WordPress). And the “forum admin” instantly and automatically “closed” my post to comments.

So I thought I’d post here and see if anyone stopping by has had a similar experience. I seem to be able to post, and even comment on my own blog. Whoopee!

Hmm–I used the “F-word” in a post a couple of times recently. I can’t believe that would lead to this impasse. But the world is still quite a mysterious place.

WordPress has never contacted me in any way or responded to any efforts to find out what’s up. If this goes on much longer, bye-bye.

5 thoughts on “I Seem to be in WordPress Purgatory (UPDATED)

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  3. It seems you’ve been labelled as “spam”. I was going through my spam folder and I found one of your comments sitting there. It had been lying in wait there since the 17th, so it seems that something’s been going on for at least two weeks.


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