Britannus Americanus: A Letter from a Jacobite

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The Mitrailleuse


O Britannus Americanus! That great Spectre by which the entire World knows most keenly the Mind and Wit of the Puritan,—a Form of Mankind whose presence upon the Earth we should, as I will shortly endeavour to shew, not much have suffered without,—New England, the Symbol living and breathing of the Usurpation by which the Anglo-Saxon has found himself, in your mad Twenty-First Century, abolish’d by his own hand, in its grand Accusations against the fornication and impurity of other nations reveals itself,—if you, my Dear Reader, would countenance such a comparison,—to be Babylon’s Whore reconstituted, and the said Whore has perhaps too late begun to choke upon her Luxury and Splendour that we might save ourselves, that she might not choke us too with the Wine of her mad Fornication, our greatest Efforts to spew it from our mouths…

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2 thoughts on “Britannus Americanus: A Letter from a Jacobite

  1. Well you should have done your own dirty work instead of shipping them here. Until just recently none knew better the peril.

    Failing that you should have allowed Germany to expand to either overseas colonies or East. Instead you were greedy, shortsighted and foolish about the rest of Europa, letting loose the worst elements East and West of you. You’ve lost the Empire, are about to lose Britain and we’ve quite lost our soon to be very bloody minds.


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