Neoreaction the World ‘Round


Something that’s always intrigued me is that in any country of the world, even the most “barbaric,” collectivist, Islamic, you can find what we might call “America-lovers”; people who, despite their upbringing, schooling and exposure to their own government’s propoganda have a bright shining regard for the U.S., follow American news as much as possible and, usually, plan on moving to the States if and when they can.

I’ve corresponded and exchanged comments with these people through my previous blogs and various boards, people from places like Iraq, Pakistan, India, Ecuador, Russian and Indonesia. This (in some countries, microscopic) fraction seem to be “natural Americans” in some soul-deep sense, just as Americans I’ve known seemed to be “natural” Japanese or Italians.

Ash Milton has posted on Marie Le Pen: Lessons for the Anglosphere at Social Matter and ends the piece with this line that (of course) I really like:

 The Neo-victorian phyle of Diamond Age may yet come to pass.

In every nation of the world we will find Natural Neoreactionaries hidden in among the idiots, Commies and SJWs. Even, God willing, in Berkeley and Gaza. It’s awfully tempting, if you’re American like me, to focus too much internally. Let us raise our eyes and look around, even in the seemingly unlikely places.


5 thoughts on “Neoreaction the World ‘Round

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  3. Intrigued by the idea of finding Neo-Reactionaries in Berkeley and Gaza. Dr.s evin Barrett , a left wing former San Frannie turned Muslim, and Dr. E. Michael Jones a conservative catholic, both attend conferences and speak regularly under the protection of presstv. MP George Galloway is often there as well, recovering from a recent assault. So if not to look in Gaza, why not in Tehran ?


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