UPDATED: Christians in the Closet (?)


UPDATE April 6, 2015:

Kurt Schlichter makes a similar point, well said:

I’m not advocating violence – I am warning liberals that they are setting the conditions for violence.

And that better worry them, for the coastal elites are uniquely unsuited to a world where force rules instead of law. The Serbs were, at least, a warrior people. The soft boys and girls who brought us helicopter parenting, “trigger warnings” and coffee cups with diversity slogans are not.

I know the endgame of discarding the rule of law for short-term advantage because I stood in its ruins. Liberals think this free society just sort of happened, that they can poke and tear at its fabric and things will just go on as before. But they won’t. So at the end of the day, if you want a society governed by the rule of force, you better pray that you’re on the side with the guns and those who know how to use them.


The men who lie with men, the women who lie with women, the men who think they’re women, the ones who want to sodomize animals and children, and their elite enablers: Are threats of boycotts and Twitter hate campaigns and not getting hired at UCLA really going to cause American Christians to pretend to approve of this? To turn their faces away and pretend not to notice?

Read the rest of my latest at The Mitrailleuse.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Christians in the Closet (?)

  1. The more the leftist mafia push, the more former-Conservatives are created off the back of their party’s failures…. and right into the arms of the radical right. The Liberals are so stupid and brazen (emboldening sodomites who have a long illustrious history of mental defects), that they’re losing sight of their past tactics that proved so successful. They’re letting the mask slip, and by doing so they only further bolster our ranks. Today’s pissed off Republican voter is tomorrow’s loyal associate to the only real opposition: the Reactosphere.


  2. ”The soft boys and girls who brought us helicopter parenting, “trigger warnings” and coffee cups with diversity slogans are not.”

    Why do women also need to be hard? He should just say that the men are soft. Softness in women is a necessity of femininity. Femininity cannot be hard


    • I will amend that. Women like all human beings need a certain degree of struggle. However I would not endorse experiences that make her hardened that would be beneficial in a man. Only through having her eyes open and knowing true suffering that she can appreciate protection and provision having been humbled by her experience and her narcissism(which children possess in the 1st place before adulthood) and princess mentality is destroyed.

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