Building a Neoreationary “Tribe”

The NRx is gradually coalescing, making more personal contacts “IRL”, in public and private forums. The NRx, is, to an extent, becoming coherent.

Something that will be useful moving forward is not necessarily The Official Neoreactionary Position® on political or social questions so much as an increasing sense of tribal feeling. In the future I’ll cover how ritual and initiation could fit in with this good. For today, let us touch on the tribal history of the NRx.

(As inspired by this post from Mountain Guerilla):

You see, one of the characteristics that defines a tribe, both anthropologically and practically, is a shared history, whether real or mythic. This history may be ancestral. Generally, all members of a kin-group tribe will be able to trace their ancestry back to a common individual, but often—thanks to the phenomena of intermarriage and adoption in tribal societies, those ancestral bonds are as likely to be mythic as they are to be connected by DNA. In sodalities, like guilds and war-band type tribes of course, it’s almost a given that the shared ancestry of the tribe—the nucleus that makes them a tribe, their “mutual exclusivity,” is going to be more mythic than real.

That’s okay. Why is that okay? I mean, isn’t that a lie?

Let’s back up, for just a moment, and look again at what defines a tribe. A tribe is a social unit that possesses something that defines the group’s boundaries, but also that separates it from the rest of humanity. It’s the “us vs. them” that Jack Donovan discusses in his writing. I refer to it as “mutual exclusivity.” It’s that je ne sais quoi that defines the boundaries of “our” group from others. It doesn’t need to be real, as long as it’s real to the group.

That mutual exclusivity, typically, can be defined as the shared history, ancestry, values, traditions, and customs, of the people of the tribe. Some may be shared with other tribes, but the specifics of how OUR tribe recognizes or exercises them is different enough that it separates us from them. In pre-Christianization Europe, for one example, pretty much all tribes that are now recognized as having belonged to the Germanic linguistic group—the Cherusci, the Allemani, the Marcomanni, the Franks, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes; the Vandals and Gepids, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Burgundians, and Lombards, were “Germanic.” Their languages were all connected. Their cultures shared similarities, but their cultures were not identical. They were separate tribes, even as they shared common cultural characteristics.

Today however, we’re going to discuss one particular characteristic of tribalism and neo-tribalism, the immense value of the shared mythic ancestry of a tribe.

In what can be defined as an “intentional tribe,” such as a guild or war-band type association historically, or in our post-modern context, the intentional grouping of like-minded families for mutual assistance, where shared ancestry is not—and almost cannot—be certain, the mythic ancestry, and the lessons that can be gained from claiming a shared mythic ancestry cannot be overemphasized.

An example of this can be seen in the military, with the adoption of unit lineages. The United States Army says the following about the lineage of the Ranger Regiment: “The U.S. Army Ranger history predates the Revolutionary War.” Now, BY DEFINITION, nothing of the United States can predate the Revolution. So, by citing Majors Church and Rogers, fighting for the British, in the French and Indian War—especially considering Major Rogers’ later loyalties—as ancestral figures for the U.S. Army’s Rangers, is the very definition of a mythic ancestry for the unit. That doesn’t, however, change the fact that the exploits of Rogers’ Rangers, for one, have long served as a catalyst for awesome achievements by members of the unit.

The Mythic Ancestry of the Neoreaction

Let’s consider what “mythic ancestry” we might consciously choose. Our first thought is naturally Unqualified Reservations (UR) and Mencius Moldbug.

It is certainly a lovely coincidence that “UR” pronounced as a word sounds like the birthplace of Abraham, which would surely be a suitable beginning of our mythic ancestry, but we’ll consider that line “taken.” Neoreaction is not exactly a of new Judeo-Christian-Muslim cult, after all.

If I recall correctly, my own exposure to Moldbug began when I ran across this reference by Arnold Kling back in ought-nine – just about six years ago to the day. I also recall immediately blowing a couple or four work hours delving in to the UR archives. I admit I’ve never really been the same, since.

Moldbug and his oeuvre itself is, however, too recent and too passivist to make a functional mythic ancestry. He only began UR, as such, on April 23, 2007. His heroes and mentors are mostly gentlemen of the 19th and prior centuries, which is promising, but generally writers and thinkers rather than men of action. The collected works of Carlyle, for instance, are extremely important and influential in our community, but building a mythos upon writings just doesn’t work for me. Moldbug seems to have a healthy respect for the Cavaliers, and they were men of action, of glorious battle and brave deeds…but they lost.

28 June, 1098

I believe that we ought to consider the beginning of the beginning of the NRx as…28 June, 1098.

The Battle of Antioch.


A diverse group of the men of the West, starving, depleted, surrounded by Muslims; in other words, London a few years from now:

On Monday, 28 June, the crusaders emerged from the city gate, with Raymond of Aguilers carrying the Holy Lance before them. Kerbogha hesitated against his generals’ pleadings, hoping to attack them all at once rather than one division at a time, but he underestimated their size. He pretended to retreat to draw the crusaders to rougher terrain, while his archers continuously pelted the advancing crusaders with arrows. A detachment was dispatched to the crusader left wing, which was not protected by the river, but Bohemond quickly formed a seventh division and beat them back. The Turks were inflicting many casualties, including Adhemar’s standard-bearer, and Kerbogha set fire to the grass between his position and the crusaders, but this did not deter them: they had visions of three saints riding along with them: St. George, St. Demetrius, and St. Maurice. The battle was brief and disastrous for the Turks. Duqaq deserted Kerbogha and this desertion reduced the great numerical advantage the Muslim army had over its Christian opponents. Soon the defeated Muslim troops were in panicked retreat.

I see the basis, the beginning, of a tribal myth here. The First Crusaders were the Neoreactionaries of their time. They just didn’t know it! I find this no more of a stretch than the U.S. Army claiming soldiers of The Crown as their own.

Following up on events after AD 1098, as above, I’m game to claim the Cavaliers as part of our Glorious Adopted History. Before and after that, fully open to suggestions!

16 thoughts on “Building a Neoreationary “Tribe”

  1. In seriousness, I think Moldbug went very far in giving us a rich mythic history: Carlyle and Froude, Gov. Hutchinson and Frederick the Great, all the prophets who foretold the doom of mass man, and all of whom are forgotten.

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    • And I’m always sad to see that Piux IX, Pius X, Leo XIII, Don Felix Sardana y Salvany, Fr. Fahey, etc., etc., are always left out, as though the Church hadn’t been the biggest promoter of Reaction from long before it was cool….

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  4. From my outsiders perspective, NRx developed its distinctive form during the recent expulsions of certain people who wanted to appropriate it.
    Insiders will probably remember a certain evening when they split up (no matter if IRL or simply logging of) and felt distinctly being part of a new whole.


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  6. I would not be surprised if most NRxers actually were mostly from a fairly small set of ethnic sub-groups or happen to share a lot of DNA. Programmers, for example, not only tend to hail from a few specific groups, but also have to be good at thinking in specific ways that probably require a basic genetic predisposition that is rare even in their ethnic group, but they probably share those quirks with other programmers. For this reason programmers have a “look”; it’s not absolute, but it’s there. Likewise, I’d expect the same thing with NRxers, and not just because of the overlap.


    • It does seem to take a certain type–and I think if you went back to their childhoods many of the NRx were the kids who didn’t believe a lot of what they were told by parents and teachers, from a very young age. I don’t know if that’s a “DNA” thing, but I strongly suspect there’s a genetic component.


  7. I would like to suggest John of Hunyadi and the other defenders at the Siege of Nandorfehervar, 1456, too. The events are similar, at least when one mythologizes them. (Nandorfehervar is today Belgrade, in Hungary, but due to fluid borders and noble houses, John is also associated with Transylvania, Serbia, Romania, and probably half the states in the area.)

    John “The White Knight” Hunyadi with motley allies from John Capistrano of Italy to Vlad III Draculesti of Wallachia — yes, Dracula — is outnumbered and outarmed. Disregarded by the powers that be (“you just want to make yourself king!”) he’s paid for the reinforcement of the walls of Nandorfehervar out of his own pocket. But his fortress has a breach in the wall now. Mehmed II at the head of a massive Ottoman army is preparing the next assault. If Hunyadi loses here, there’s no telling how far the Ottomans will continue to overrun the West, as they’ve already overrun everything between here and Constantinople.

    Hunyadi has no great army; he has mostly peasants that came with Capistrano. So what does he do? He attacks. The Ottomans are caught off guard by this absurd maneuver, forced to retreat after Mehmed is injured. Hungary is safe for another sixty years.

    If you squint, the three I mentioned even sort of match the NRx Trichotomy – John Hunyadi, the proto-techno-commercialist, wealthy enough to fund a fortress and a defensive fleet with his own money. John of Capistrano, the theonomist, preaching a crusade and bringing in twenty thousand volunteers who heard the good word and came to fight the infidel. Dracula, the ethno-nationalist of a people who hate the Turks. When the Ottomans sent envoys to Dracula suggesting “give us some tribute and you can have peace”, Dracula nailed their hats to their heads. (“You think I’m the only one who should pay respect here? You won’t take off your hats to me, even? SO KEEP THEM ON.”)


  8. I’d like to suggest Leo Strauss, the Chicago U professor whose NRx work created your precursor group, the ‘Neocons’. Read Strauss, or of the Chicago group – exact same thing as NRx, except for geeks. EXACTLY THE SAME THING.
    This is something you will, (with your “new” penchant for mythologies) deny, but cannot – it is just too plain out in the open.

    I realize that would mean NRx’ers, of course, are all useful idiots, and that contradicts the proven (without evidence – but inductively) and much repeated (ad infinitum) claims of immense innate genetic intelligence (something usually produced by a deep sense of inadequacy in lesser mortals) … but that is what mythologies are for. There is a fundamental reason the title NRx was finally chosen, despite the fact you all seem to have missed it.

    There is no reason not to, as suggested above, remain consistent and simply invent a personage. How about ‘Leomond Strauss’ – and 11th century Jewish NRx warlord who convinced the confused goyim to go fight and die for Israel? Maybe scratch Israel and say they did it for ‘good government’, or as an example for posterity.

    Or howabout the Marquis de Nickolas Land-emoire? An extremist far-left ideologue who never made a dollar in his life that wasn’t provided by taxpayers, dedicated to using the institutions of higher education (everyone has a mythology these days) conducting various psychological pranks with the repeated motif of complete social dissolution, (thanks, do we need another myth to cover up the Trotsekyesque
    origins of NRx?) and who has a mysterious conversion and suddenly remerges as the chief functionary of a ‘far-right’ (sic) movement of the self-proclaimed extremely and desperately gullible… I mean intelligent… sorry that just slipped out. Anyway I’m sure Land would be amused by it.

    (The main problem with this comment is…it’s not even funny–ed.)


  9. The reason Moldbug and his approach were more successful at convincing intelligent people than other internet ‘reactionaries’ that have existed is just because it isn’t about action, it is elite and gentlemanly. Louts attract louts, and they make for shocktroops and torturers but not for aristocracy.

    Neoreactionaries would do well to read more Carlyle – he highlights the fundamentally mystical underpinings of medieval Christian civilization, it’s not a question of fighting, it’s a question of religion which goes deeper than the surface level.


  10. There is a way that diverse people can become ‘ one people’. Intermarriage. It’s been done for thousands of years. It’s the reason why aristocratic families would formalize treaties with marriage. Two families became one family. It’s also how Abraham became the father of a large nation. It’s also math… For instance… One man can have 2 children which becomes 4 grandchildren becomes 8 great grandchildren, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048…ect.
    Or 4 children becomes 16, 64, 256..ect
    A group of families can become a nation with a common ancestor. I don’t think common ancestors are mythic, but real life people.


  11. You’ll have to deal with an organized psychological operation inside NRX- White Nationalism- Human Biodiversity, false ideological intellectual movements:

    The intellectual movement is parallel to the GrassRoots instinctual reaction. Its an umbrella that includes Unz Review (Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, Paul Gottfried ), , American Renaissance (Jared Taylor), NPI Radix ( RB Spencer , Jack Donovan Greg Johnson ), and the Occidental Observer ( Kevin MacDonald).. The movement appears to have been created in 2001 as a Jewish Liberal Anti-islamic psychological operation as you would expect with its intertwined writers and publications under the Charles Martell society.

    It has an ineffective opposition in a Values based Paleo Trad Catholic movement which echoes Sam Francis and Russell Kirk with notable writers Dr. E. Michael and Alain Soral in France., the Ugly Truth, and Ariadna Theokopoulos Deliberation. –None of which get much mention in the kosher WN journals.


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