Book Notes No. 1, July 2018

Posting here has obviously been light, lately–seven posts since February, all about books, and mostly about my book, Sanity. Others have taken care of things quite nicely in the  the politics/government/social commentary department; if you haven’t yet, do go over to Social Matter and sign up for the email list, which will get you “This Week in Reaction,” which will likely be plenty.

I’m sure I’ll do some more essays, someday. For now I’ve found my groove with books, writing them and also spending more time reading them and less on “news” and commentary. So just to keep the blog on some kind of regular schedule I’m going to do at least a monthly book post. This is No. 1.

First, several people asked for (or, gratifyingly, demanded) a sequel to Sanity. I feel there’s more to tell, and I enjoy telling it, so I am writing one, to be titled Reality.

I’m not shy about the titles of my books.

Cal Adler will continue to have dangerous adventures, esoteric and erotic encounters, visions, and knock-down combat with Bad People. He’s also going on the biggest quest ever–fatherhood. And that’s all I’m saying for now.

Reality is all of +/- five percent completed so umm, don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Sanity got a review from John Walker, @Fourmilab on Twitter, and even more important, “Founder of Autodesk, Inc., co-author AutoCAD.” Like somebody said, “That’s kind of a big deal.”

This is an engaging and provocative mystery/thriller which will resonate with those who identify with the kind of heroic, independent, and inner-directed characters that populate the fiction of Robert A. Heinlein and other writers of the golden age of science fiction. It speaks directly to those sworn to chart their own course through life regardless of what others may think or say. I’m not sure the shadowy organisation we glimpse here actually exists, but I wish it did…and I wish they’d contacted me. There are many tips of the hat here to works and authors of fiction with similar themes, and I’m sure many more I missed.

There was some followup that refers, in general, to the other writers mentioned below:

The book universe doesn’t just revolve around me, so moving along: Loretta Malakie, aka @lorettatheprole recently published a novel, Love in the Age of Dispossession.

I wrote a longer review, which I’ve been shopping around, but here’s a sample:

Catherine “Kitty” Burnes is an Irish-Catholic wannabe rebel who’s been accepted at Ivy League schools, but there’s a sense that Something Is Not Right with her world. The first part of the novel subtly hints at the coming troubles, the emptying and degradation of small town America and the great White die-off that would follow. But on first reading you might think it’s something else, an almost photo-realistic description of one young American woman’s life, upwardly mobile, out of the sticks and away from the hicks and on to New York City, the vibrancy and the multiculturalism and the thousand different ethnic restaurants. The media ecology around her, and us, relentlessly tells us this is what we want, the pinnacle: Freedom! Freedom from, from neighbors who know your business, your stupid high school friends and limits on your “self-expression” and, most of all, freedom to have sex when you want, with who you want, without pain or fear or guilt. By the time Kitty arrives to live as an adult in New York the relentless propaganda for Erica Jong’s Zipless F*** is well into its second generation. And instead of fulfillment, it delivers anomie.

A fascinating and moving first novel, it gets better as it goes along and the ending hits hard. Recommended.

I reviewed Travis Corcoran’s (@morlockp) novel The Powers of the Earth here with high praise. I can now report that the second volume of the series, Causes of Separation, is a terrific continuation, with all the imagination, technical and social ideas and vivid characters of the first, plus I think he’s even developed as a writer (and he was very, very good already). Read them both if you like human freedom and dignity presented in an action packed storyline.

Hans Schantz, the @aetherczar has got his first book, The Hidden Truth, on sale for 99 cents on Kindle this week–if you don’t own it already, don’t miss the opportunity. An alternate history thriller, also with a vision of human freedom and dignity. As you might have figured out, I’m a real admirer of those…

And now for something completely different: Currently reading Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier.


I heard it was a “classic” and as  writer I want to get exposed to some different styles and genres. Not completed the book yet but it’s fascinating, the language and the craft of it. From what I hear the best parts are yet to come. When finished I might have more to say.

I’ll bet that one surprised you.

Well kids, that’s all we have time for this month, I’d better get back to writing a book called Reality. Only got about 97 percent of it to go. I’m excited to find out what’s going to happen!

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