The Spanish-American Civil War

I write the day after the “epic” events of the Kavanaugh He said, She said. United States Senators minutely scrutinized a page from a high school yearbook to (supposedly) judge a man’s fitness to be a Supreme Court justice. We learned about the hippocampus, as if we were a bunch of community college freshpersons.

I didn’t watch the so-called “hearing,” saw some clips later in the day. Looked at Twitter some. It seems to me all is proceeding exactly as laid out by Mencius Moldbug and the summary in Land’s The Dark Enlightenment.

“Democracy” in the United States has reached its limits, and the same for much of the rest of the world. In Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and many other places “democracy” has not or very soon will not produce the “correct” result of Progressive Left Globalism in power, so “democracy” will have to be massaged, or kicked in the face, to ensure that it does. In the United States an important election is coming in a month, and I fully expect the Left Progressives to control some or all of the legislative branch of the national government. Indeed, such an outcome is to be welcomed. Some friends like to say the best thing about Donald Trump is that every morning is a day without Hillary as President, but the election of Mrs. Clinton would have precipitated a number of inevitabilities more quickly and perhaps less painfully; the proverbial band-aid being ripped off. Yesterday was an indication of the shape of things to come. The Kavanaugh docudrama was the next phase of the Spanish-American Civil War. Continue reading