The Women in My Books

A few readers have commented that there are sure a lot “superwomen” in my two books, Sanity and Reality. To me, this is a matter of statistics.

Imagine the best female athlete in your high school that was also big, 5’10 to 6’2 maybe. May have been a volleyball player, track and field, softball. Fast and strong. Depending on how big your school was, she may have been, let’s say, a “1 in 1,000.” She trains some martial art or another, for fun, and by 18 is good, black-belt level as a floor. She also has an IQ 145-150.

Now, she may be “high-T” for testosterone, but maybe not, too. Some women of this description that I have known were more feminine in the facial features than others, with corresponding body fat differentials. But a certain percentage are simply, beautiful women. Of course, the n-value is small. Two of the four or five in my lifetime.

(By the way, the others, the more “masculine,” often have attractive faces and bodies and personalities, as well. It’s all ranges, man).

There are three women that fit this description in my books, (although one is only 5’2). They would probably make it through, say, Army parachute school or male Marine boot camp. I don’t really think they’d make through the SEAL course or Army Ranger school. Such women do exist, and they are perhaps 1 in 100,000 or 1,000,000.

I don’t believe it too far of a stretch to think that such a woman might also have a strong sex drive and enjoy sex a great deal. Or even be a kind of sex magick goddess (the 5’2 one).

Well, okay that last is a stretch too far, but only there did we really veer into fiction. I’ll just say: Maureen Calhoun and Emma (LNU) do exist in the “real world,” embody qualities and actions that I’ve seen and heard and done. These traits were never, perhaps, combined in quite this way, but if not to create unique new beings (“characters”) and have them speak convincingly to each other, what the hell is an author good for?



5 thoughts on “The Women in My Books

  1. In the US military, 5’10” is the top one-percentile for height in females. So your lower bound, already, is 1 in 100.

    An IQ of 145 is 1-in-1000 territory.

    How many serious female black-belt martial artists are out there? That can actually fight? I doubt that one woman in 1000 meets that criteria. All things considered, maybe 1-in-10,000. And I’m being generous.

    I understand that some of these things are loosely associated — taller people tend to have higher IQs — but the woman you’re describing isn’t anywhere near 1-in-100,000. Closer to 1-in-100,000,000, which means that she probably doesn’t exist.

    (Plenty of tough chicks exist, but they generally don’t have very high IQs. Smart women exist, but they’re typically mousy studycunts.)

    Look, if you want to create Mary Sues, that’s fine. It’s not very reactionary, but that’s okay. There’s no good justification for it, though.


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  3. I always got the impression that the characters weren’t meant to be ordinary in the books, but outliers.
    The height is the less plausible bit, I’ve seen very few women who were more than a hair over 6′. Some of those I did meet were in an international judo competition at heavyweight – built like flabby tanks at 260lbs.
    There’s also the possibility that there’s a correlation between high IQ, height, athletic achievement and so on, making such a super person no less likely than an outlier in just one category. It isn’t necessarily a question of multiplying probabilities as they aren’t known to be independent.


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