The better the mind, the more connections it makes between seemingly unrelated facts, items, threads, impressions; and the less obvious and more fertile these connections are.

The site Black Gnosis sent a bit of traffic my way. A cursory look might lead one to think it’s an occult/esoterica/magick sort of publishing house. Curiously, its very short links list contains, of the NRx type, only me and Land. How did Land get there? How did I?

A deeper perusal of “Black Gnosis” led to this: “An Experiment in Relativity.” Powerful fiction in the Lovecraftian tradition. Actually, when I read it through I hadn’t realized it was fiction at all. I thought it was autobiographical.

Radish has just published a piercing look at the ideas. rather than the fiction, of Lovecraft. He, Lovecraft, seems so curiously…sane. Dedicated to the discovery of truth and reality. But really, there’s no contradiction between a superbly imaginative author of speculative/fantasy fiction and that author’s rationality in his “real life.” There might even be a positive correlation.

My thoroughly subjective and unscientific observation is that it is the academic who is so often deficient in imagination and grasp of reality. Not having to earn his living producing material the consumer desires, he is free to produce studies and books that will be little read, in his lifetime or ever. Commercial authors are closer to the World and the people in it, however vivid their imaginations.

Then, the use of the handy mouse wheel led to an earlier entry at Black Gnosis: The End of the Present World Conference, London 2013. Oh my, what’s this? The featured speakers are: Alain de Benoist, Alexander Dugin and Laurent James? How might that be connected?

I recommend the intelligent reader not look deeper into that site, or Lovecraft’s work and letters, or anything that is, or might be, related to mystery. The connections that might be made are dangerous, indeed.

If determined to stride straight into the danger, some purification first is highly recommended.