Dark Matter Journal, Nick Land and Space Colonization

As noted yesterday, there are a number of important sources and resources yet unlinked here.

We continue to rectify this today with Dark Matter Journal. Bookmark it, link it, contribute to it.


Dark Matter collects the best essays from the “neoreactionary” sphere and publishes them in an edited form. Original articles are also published. Content in the journal ranges widely, but its primary focus is on the intersection of politics, history, and human biological diversity.

The neoreaction, or the Dark Enlightenment, is not a unified social movement. The authors published here will agree as often as they disagree, and many operate with different priors or within different intellectual frameworks. The journal therefore values and promotes intellectual diversity.

The journal is published quarterly (more or less), with special issues convened for special purposes.

The one issue so far includes articles by several NRx luminaries, but given my own interests I was particularly struck by this from Nick Land (Outside in):

Lure of the Void

It follows clearly that the status quo politics of space colonization are almost fully expressed by space colonization not happening. When understood in relation to the eclipsed undercurrent of the frontier analogy social fission through revolutionary colonialism or wars of independence—the ‘failure’ of  large-scale space colonization projects to emerge begins to look like something else entirely: an eminently rational determination on the part of the world’s most powerful territorial states to inhibit the development of socio-technological potentials characterized by an ‘American’ (revolutionary colonial) tendency.

Please read the whole thing. Space as the “Final Frontier” offers enormous potential for social experimentation and evolution. I knew this from a very young age as I devoured everything ever written by Robert A. Heinlein; I wonder if our young now are aware, or if their expectations are so lowered by Cathedral propaganda that they discount doing much in space themselves?

If so, it is our duty as opinion leaders to change this.