A Modest Proposal

(I wrote this back in 2007. It’s pretty freakin’ scary that it all still applies, except that the population of India, China and Africa has risen enough to demand some adjustments to the numbers, but they’re presented here as originally written. This is where pure logic and strict materialism leads: Beware, for there monsters lurk. Links not guaranteed to function.)

I well realize that this will come a shock, a terrible surprise of outrageous proportions; but…

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Sanity: A Change in Title and Direction

As of today, the blog is retitled “Sanity in the Diamond Age.” While I still have a distinct fondness for the term, and the ideas, of “Neoreaction” and “NRx” I don’t find myself so interested in writing about them at present.

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More Kipling NRx Wisdom (With Pictures!)

This year several reality-lovers, including Outside in, Free Northerner and me posted on Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings” (as far as I know, completely independently). Perhaps it was an example of occult NRx.

More Kipling for your consideration. Illustrated! (Many other zingers worth a look!)

Finally, a Photo of Neovictorian

Several readers have written to ask what I look like. As I’ve revealed here before, I’m 53 but if I do say so myself, I look several years younger. For one thing, I don’t have a single grey hair–not from especially clean living, believe me, but from genes, surely. I’m 6’2″, 195 lbs. so no bulge around the middle.

And so, for those who requested a photo, here we are:

Briefly, Humor

Even the most hardened Neoreactionary street fighter living in the sewers of a Great American City does not live by the Red Pill alone.

Thus, this post.


(Image, h/t Vulture of Critique)








Thug Life has reached The Heartland in a most disturbing way, plus BOYZ, TELL GRANNY TO KEEP HER FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL SHE’S READY TO CAP SOMEONE! (Image, h/t some random gif site)