The Pause That Refreshes

After my 12-day trip through Alaska, I began working on a post about how Alaska, or a piece of it, may in future make a likely place for a Neoreactionary State. I also have some ideas about other territories and areas in the U.S. that show promise as a place to put NRx theorie into praxis.

As I tapped keys, however, it occurred to me that I needed this bit of information and that, and shortly I decided that I really ought to further my education before further bloviations about my own brilliant and original ideas…so I’m reading through some parts of The Canon and refreshing my weary mind, before beginning the Major Portion of my blogging here.

I will continue to concentrate on implementation, which I believe I have a useful perspective on, but first I want a better grounding for the base of the ladder, so that when I begin to really sling it, standing on a higher step won’t cause the thing to throw me in the mud.

In addition to the Canon, for those who want something direct, I thought this, from More Right, was very useful (h/t Avenging Red Hand).

Added: I joined Twitter a few days ago, @neovictorian23. I find it useful, if used sparingly…

On Implementation

It happens that More Right posted on Ingredients Needed for Reaction to Work a few days ago.

Developing the theme of this blog a bit more: If we desire to actually live under a regime more congenial to our NR nature than the USG (or God help you, the EU) we need a practical vision for implementation; while Anissimov outlines a very realistic structure (similar to the way the Founding Fathers ran it), I note he doesn’t take the next step of pointing out the schwerpunkt.

I see these options, either currently available or becoming available during the historical/technological developments of the next 10-20 years: 1) Taking over the machinery of an existing nation-state; 2) Taking over the machinery of an existing U.S. state (something like the Free Sate Project); 3) Seasteading/Spacesteading 4) The NR as a world-distributed phyle a la The Diamond Age; 5) A city-state in America 3.0.

I will develop each of these in a separate post. For the moment, 4) and 5), or a combination of the two, seem the most practical. But I am interested in reasoned commentary on 1), 2) and 3) as well.