Yes A.J., the Culture is “Demonic”


Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, who is preparing for the NFL Draft, was watching the Grammys on Sunday and felt that the “really demonic” performances showed that “there is a lot of evil in the world.”

You be the judge

…but really, the Grammys are just somewhere in the bottom half of the sewer. I didn’t feel even a scintilla of temptation to watch them, because I already knew in general, if not in all the horrifying detail, what it would be about: a celebration of death, of male and female sluts, of excess and celebrity privilege and, most of all, celebrity hypocrisy, of “eff you, bourgeoisie, now buy more of my s*** and make me rich so I can say ‘eff you’ again next year.”

There has been occasional mention in the neoreactosphere of culture, art, literature and music, and how important they are in reaching young people, blah blah. That’s true, but judging from the current state of the ravenous blank-eyed hordes “consuming” things like the Grammy Awards, my reading is that “popular” culture is dead to us.

Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment are, and always will be, mostly the province of the high-IQ set, which by definition only includes a small percentage of the population.  In my recent interactions with European Traditionalist/DE/NR folk, I’ve noticed a great many of them are or were into “metal” music. I wonder if there are any budding superstars out there who will compose and perform million-sellers about the joys of self-discipline, hierarchy and tradition. Perhaps not, but perhaps what’s needed is not million-sellers but music and other art that can bring together various threads and unite them in making a world.

After all, if THIS can become an icon of a generation, anything can happen: