A Commentary Upon All “43 people who might run against Trump in 2020”


(Featured image: Ladies and Gentlebeings, the Next President of the United States!)

Here’s the original from The Hill. Since I’m probably one of the approximately 0.4% of Americans who can identify every one of these characters without reading the article, I claim rights to comment upon them; and since I was professionally in politics for many years I have a highly developed sense of irony in regard to the justifications and lies people tell themselves about why they are The One With the Mandate of Heaven. Continue reading

“News”, the Great Distractor

Hipster Racist has one of the most amusing blog names around, writes a lot of 50 Shades of Gray-esque porn and believes 9/11 was an inside job. Or says he does. He also presents a series of posts full of facts about how the USG, CIA and a cast of thousands experimented with drugs, hypnosis and other mind control techniques for decades. This part of the presentation is so well-documented elsewhere, so old-news and so, well, mainstreamed, that we don’t think about it too much these days. I mean, all that LSD dosing is just historical, now. Our government, under the control of good liberals like Barack Obama (and George Bush and Bill Clinton) would never continue to experiment with mind control, in these enlightened days. That went out with the Cold War.

I’m sure.

The thing about the internet is that beside its utilitarian goodness it’s also the ideal platform for any number of elaborate shaggy dog stories. Or trolls inside of trolls. Just as “to cross again is not to cross,” the web facilitates the presentation of reality in such a way as to make said reality seem fantastic and unbelievable; but by adding an additional layer, the reality can be presented as only seeming fantastic and unbelievable because “They” have tried to suppress it. This is like catnip to a certain subset of high-IQ people, who are, or believe they are, the only ones who “get the joke.”

I am one such myself, so I would know.

Wag the Dog I:

If you follow The Daily Outrage, and if you look for trends based on what is in the media, you miss actual macro trends and instead are following a narrative, one that is constructed for you. Some of the events may be “real” but many are “staged.” When you watch TV, whether or not it’s “news” or “fiction” – that is what you are doing. Watching a video. You rarely know much about the context except what you are told.

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