Civil War 2.0 Will Be Livestreamed

My latest for The Mitrailleuse:

The events of this summer are a taste of what’s to come in the fall, and even more so, November 9, 2016.

Someone is going to win the Presidential election, and regardless of whether it’s Trump or Clinton, the loser’s supporters are going to feel existential angst about America, and their place in it, far beyond the usual.


At The Mitrailleuse: Dreams, Consciousness and Sanity

This Just In:

It’s interesting that before he became the first human to die live on the Web, Tim Leary changed his tune (and the title of one of his books) from Exo-Psychology to Info-Psychology.

Leary acknowledged that his one-time obsession with space exploration and the future of humanity off-planet was at least partly the result of his time in jail in the 1960s and 70s and the natural tendency of the mind to want to free itself by flying high above the prison grounds. For an old dude, he seems to have rapidly grasped the possibilities of the Web and some of the changes to our lives that digital world would bring. He apparently continued to consume plenty of drugs up until the end. The funny thing, to me, is that there’s no indication that in all his years of psychonauting he ever deeply explored the free, easily available and abundant resource that’s provided to us every night: The Dreamscape.

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Addicted to Distraction

I saw the link to Bruce Charlton’s short book Addicted to Distraction on this post at Social Matter. If you read my piece at The Mitrailleuse you’ll know what I’m trying to do–disentangle myself from the web that I’ve been in for quite a few years.

I won’t be writing anything responding to Mass Media anymore. I realize now that posts like this, and this, were just touching the Tar Baby of foulness that the media is, and has been for a long time. I’ll keep writing, but only about the timeless things, about sound minds in sound bodies and history and tradition, about the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

About sanity. And nothing in the media is sane, not even the “good” stories about good people.

Read Charlton’s book. I’ll see you again soon, with something that doesn’t engage with the Foulness.

Opus Dei Could School the Neoreaction

New at The Mitrailleuse. Excerpt:

Opus and the NRx bring out something primal in “Progressives,” because they’re impervious: men without shame or fear or guilt, at least of the kind that Progs use as a rhetorical hammer to threaten and bludgeon their opposition. “Conservatives” can’t stand for long against charges of racism or sexism or ableism or whate’er, because they’re liberals. Nothing enrages the Progs like a person who refuses to be intellectually cowed by charges of “hate.” A powerful, organized group of such people is their deepest secret fear.

Neoreaction isn’t there, yet, not by a long way. It might take some steps by imposing more demands on its followers, the same way that Opus does, and all the successful religions do. The “Mainline Protestants” have withered in direct proportion to their embrace of “inclusiveness” and their depiction of Jesus as your Special Boyfriend who won’t judge you, and who will always take you back despite the fact you cheated on Him.

The Original Mitrailleuse at…the Mitrailleuse

I have finally got something to say, as strange and confused as it may be:

The Original Mitrailleuse, at The Mitrailleuse.

I really, truly, honest injun will be posting something to do with the theme, here, soon. Can I get in trouble for saying that? Of course.

Otherwise, it’s almost the New Year on the East Coast of the USA, and in Europa they’re all drunk, I hope.


Happy 2015, everyone