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One of the best things about getting older is that the “amusement quotient” increases, almost geometrically…

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The Nine Laws, by Ivan Throne – A Review

The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne. Castalia House, 2016

UP FRONT: This is not a detached, completely objective review of something in which I have no personal stake, like Michael Howard’s The Franco-Prussian War or Phillip Wylie’s Generation of Vipers (both of which are superb; you should read them). Instead this review is from someone invested in the book in question, not monetarily but philosophically.

Think for yourself.

I first saw the work of Ivan Throne around the beginning of 2016, and I wrote about his blog in April. Two weeks ago he published his full-length book The Nine Laws.

In brief, The Nine Laws has four main parts: 1) The revelation and explication of the Nine Laws, and a detailed essay on each; 2) The Dark World and [what is?] the Dark Triad Man; 3) Training, and; 4) The Arena of Blood and War (that is, the world of today). But before any further detailed description of the main text, we consider the foundational preface, which was posted in full by Vox Day upon the release of the book. Since it’s also available in the “Look Inside” free access portion of the book on Amazon, see it below. Read and mentally enfold. It will avoid the necessity of my providing any detailed introduction: Continue reading

You Don’t Know Jack. I Don’t Know Jack.

(I wrote this back in 2007, thus the reference to “The Surge.” But the principles apply now as much as then. In fact, I think they apply MORE now. The increased use of “social media” has merely amplified the bloviation x100 from the ancient times of 2007. In these Presidential Election Crazy Times I thought I needed a reminder of how little I know about the candidates. I truly have NO IDEA what any of them will eventually do when elected. God Bless the United States of America!)

The Poetry of Don Rumsfeld:

As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.
–Donald Rumsfeld–
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I haven’t posted anything here for over two months and am distancing myself from most of the hoopla on the web for now.

First there was Bruce Charlton’s Addicted to Distraction. Then, the other day there was Tony Schwartz’s Addicted to Distraction. That was the final nail in something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Not disconnecting, but at least disengaging. From the so-called news, from my hourly perusal of Drudge, from obsessively tweeting out links to stuff I thought important. Really, it wasn’t.

Yesterday I was checking out some personnel files where I work and I had a chance to read my own hiring file, the one they put together on me after interviews. Three of my former superiors gave my overall performance, out of 10: 10, 9.5, 9/10. Which is nice, except for the last 10 years I’ve spent like four fucking hours a day on the web reading “news” and making blog posts and so on.

I’ve been coasting on my IQ and natural ability to read, evaluate and brief information very quickly for my whole life. I mean, since kindergarten. I haven’t really applied myself to shit, and here I am at 55 making a solid upper-middle-class salary and living large.

I sure as hell don’t want to die in 15 or 20 or 30 years and think, as the lights go out, “I sure did keep up on useless internet shit.” It’s not all useless, of course, but the trick is knowing the difference…

I’m writing a book about “Sanity.” If I ever complete it I’ll get back here and flog it.

Meantime, you might want to check out Tony Schwartz and Jim Loehr’s book The Power of Full Engagement. One of the authors of the book on full engagement found it nearly impossible to quit his internet addiction.

“Full engagement” is what’s needed, all right. But not on fighting with SJWs, winning internet threads or discussing “news.”

I still might read and comment on your blog, occasionally, so don’t go soft, my niggas.

Recommended Readings

Lucky for me so many men and women of genius have written these things and all I have to do is share them.

From my friends at the Traditional Britain Group, the text of the famous “Road to National Suicide” speech  by Enoch Powell, MP, 21 January 1977. You’ve probably heard of it and surely it’s germane to the current situation:

Both the general law and its Gresham’s corollary point, in contemporary circumstances, towards the resort to physical violence, in the form of firearms or high explosive, as being so probable as to be predicted with virtual certainty. The experience of the last decade and more, all round the world, shows that acts of violence, however apparently irrational or inappropriate their targets, precipitate a frenzied search on the part of the society attacked to discover and remedy more and more grievances, real or imaginary, among those from the violence is supposed to emanate or on whose behalf it is supposed to be exercised. Those commanding a position of political leverage would then be superhuman if they could refrain from pointing to the acts of terrorism and, while condemning them, declaring that further and faster concessions and grants of privilege are the only means to avoid such acts being repeated on a rising scale. We know that those who thus argue will always find a ready hearing. This is what produces the gearing effect of terrorism in the contemporary world, yielding huge results from acts of violence perpetrated by minimal numbers. It is not, I repeat again and again, that the mass of a particular population are violently or criminally disposed. Far from it; that population soon becomes itself the prisoner of the violence and machinations of an infinitely small minority among it. Just a few thugs, a few shots, a few bombs at the right place and time—and that is enough for disproportionate consequences to follow.

The late Lawrence Auster published The Path to National Suicide in 1990. Well done, Larry, but of course it’s already far too late to take the actions you outlined there…RIP.

I highly recommend Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength which I recently read. Nothing is more valuable to the individual NRx Warrior than Will(power). If you read one “self-improvement” book this year make it his one. I’ll post a review and summary soon.

Lastly for now, if you’d like to understand the origin and early history of “The Singularity,” indeed, the origin of almost everything that’s happening in the Data Era, read Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe. For the record, I’m a John von Neumann fanboy. What an interesting man! As Richard Feynman wrote:

von Neumann gave me an interesting idea: that you don’t have to be responsible for the world that you’re in. So I have developed a very powerful sense of social irresponsibility as a result of von Neumann’s advice. It’s made me a very happy man ever since.


Demography and Dysgenics: The Challenge of An Ebbing Tide

Since I couldn’t have said it better myself; in addition to the whole great post, this is very much in line with my thinking:

“What is the solution to this ebbing tide of human potential? Nothing more complex or difficult than the assembly of interconnected networks of resilient and dangerous communities (R&D Communities). Such networked communities serve as repositories of existing knowledge and technologies, and provide a place for open inquiry and experimentation/innovation.

“When the global demographic crisis has worked itself out — no doubt in a very gruesome manner, thanks to Putin and other latter day Napoleons — a significant number of R&D communities will be in position to re-build technological and scientific civilisation.”

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Global Ageing  Note:  Most Russian Males Die Before Reaching 65 Global Ageing
Note: Most Russian Males Die Before Reaching 65
The developed world is getting older. If a nation can attract very high quality immigrants, it will better withstand the ageing and dying away of its high IQ populations. But the nations that are inundated by violent, non-productive, low IQ populations — via immigration and via differential birthrates of immigrants — will feel the pain of paralytic contraction, increasing poverty, and ever higher rates of violent crime.

Brian Wang provides an interesting graphical look at the future of US demographics in the 21st century.:

The non-Hispanic white population is projected to peak in 2024, at 199.6 million, up from 197.8 million in 2012. Unlike other race or ethnic groups, however, its population is projected to slowly decrease, falling by nearly 20.6 million from 2024 to 2060.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic population would more than double, from 53.3 million in…

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