Civil War 2.0 Will Be Livestreamed

My latest for The Mitrailleuse:

The events of this summer are a taste of what’s to come in the fall, and even more so, November 9, 2016.

Someone is going to win the Presidential election, and regardless of whether it’s Trump or Clinton, the loser’s supporters are going to feel existential angst about America, and their place in it, far beyond the usual.


All Prog Hypocrisy in One Delicious Package!

UPDATED 10/06/14: Steve Sailer, The Inevitability of Infertility Eugenics. Indeed. 

One thing that both groups cared a lot about was appearance. They wanted good-looking donors. Most also wanted a donor who looked like the infertile parent, so that the child would look like the genetic offspring of both members of the couple. This was even true of gay and lesbian couples — one member of the couple would provide the sperm or womb and the donor would look like the other parent — despite the fact that, of course, everybody would know that it was physically impossible for the child to be genetically related to both parents.


See this story!

2 White Women Sue Over Sperm from Black Donor

(Before we start, let me be clear that this isn’t schadenfreude. This is the shock of recognition of the ur-example, when a pure type is glimpsed. It’s truly a pleasure.)

CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio woman and her partner have sued a Chicago-area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man instead of a white man as she’d intended. Continue reading

More Kipling NRx Wisdom (With Pictures!)

This year several reality-lovers, including Outside in, Free Northerner and me posted on Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings” (as far as I know, completely independently). Perhaps it was an example of occult NRx.

More Kipling for your consideration. Illustrated! (Many other zingers worth a look!)

Strangely, My Comment Was Not Approved

After I posted about White Nationalism I noticed Word Press had some suggestions on related topics and posts, and had a look at a few things. This caught my eye:

Fairy tales for privileged kids: “the anti-white racist”

Well, I think we know what’s coming, do we not? However, the opener was exceptionally…amusing:

A disclaimer before we begin: what I’m about to talk about here are facts. This means they are not up for debate. There are not multiple sides to this story. You are not owed a “reasonable discussion” about this, nor will I “agree to disagree” with you. I’m talking about things that are abjectly, incontrovertibly true. Okay? Okay.

Let’s start things off with a little mathematical proof:

(A) RACISM = [racial prejudice] * [institutional power]

(B) SUM OF [institutional power] held by black people = 0

sub (B) into (A)

RACISM against white people = [racial prejudice] * 0

therefore RACISM against white people = 0

Well, sure. The facts are the facts, after all. Incontrovertibly. Anyway, you can probably write the rest in your mind yourself, obviating the need to actually read the entirely predictable drivel.

However, I did read through and even was moved to comment, simply because some sense of mischief was stirred. Every echo-chamber needs a kick from time to time, if only to see what falls out…so I left this comment:

When you get to define the “facts” that are not up for debate a priori, you can certainly have a real good time for the rest of your piece.

Let’s take one step back; why is all institutional power held by whites? Did everyone else just allow it to happen? Was everyone else defeated by white technology that whites were just lucky to acquire because of Germs, Guns and Steel?

I’d strongly advise you not to look at this too closely. It’s much safer to remain in the echo chamber here, railing against the cruel and unexplained (don’t look too closely!) FACT that whites Run It.

There’s a reason that Colonel Kurtz is left muttering “The horror! The horror!” in Heart of Darkness, but that’s just some story written by a Dead White Male, so I’m sure it has nothing to show you. Don’t. Look. Too. CLOSELY.

Strangely, after sitting in moderation for an hour or so, my comment disappeared. My comment was not APPROVED. However, if Ms. Kahn would care to comment here, I will heartily approve whatever she wants to say, even if it’s a painful, invective-laden personal attack on my penis, whiteness, or parentage.

Bring it on. Somehow, I have my doubts we’ll ever hear from her again.

Nationalisms, White and Otherwise

In the comments to my Alaska post there is a link to “Pioneer Little Europe” (PLE) provided by Alan J. Perrick. As promised there, I’d like to expand on why I don’t consider myself a “White Nationalist”; simply linking to Moldbug’s massive essay is not explanation enough. As usual, MM allows his sense of play and irony to run in this piece; it’s not like one could somehow give the sense of it in a tweet. And yet:

I am not a white nationalist because I don’t find white nationalism useful or effective. I don’t feel it helps me accurately perceive reality. In fact, I think it distorts reality. And I believe white nationalism is a very ineffective political device for solving the very real problems about which it complains.(…)

And, more to the point, what is the one ideology least likely to convince them to change their nefarious ways? What is the system of thought that Brahmins are most powerfully inoculated against? White nationalism! It’s a strategy that couldn’t be better designed to fail. It is almost eerie in its profound and incurable ineffectiveness.(…)

At its best, white nationalism offers a sensible description of a general problem. This problem certainly exists, and it falls under the larger category of bad government. (If allowing the old cities of North America to be overrun and rendered largely uninhabitable by murderous racist gangs isn’t bad government, really, I’m not sure what is.)

But white nationalism offers no formula at all for how to transition from bad government to good government. Indeed, to the extent that white nationalism succeeds in anything, it motivates its enemies, keeping everyone stuck in the same old destructive patterns.

So we have the twin points: Whatever its virtues for Whites qua Whites, White Nationalism isn’t effective and it misses the bigger picture. In my view, Black Nationalism misses the point in the same way for Blacks. Etc.

There’s no doubt at all that generally races, tribes, families and other human groupings are most comfortable around their own. If those calling themselves White Nationalists want to form a community in Kalispell, Montana, best of luck to them.

There’s nothing, it seems, that would blow up one’s reputation in the Red Pill/Dark Enlightenment/Neoreactionary community faster than admitting to being some kind of Universalist (The horror. The horror) but here goes nothing.

I’m a Catholic; just two short years ago I was baptized into the Church, and I take very seriously the doctrine that every human being has in him the Imago Dei – The Image of God. That there are bad people, there is no doubt. There are horrible people, instruments of evil; some of them are black gangsters and murderers in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Some are white gangsters and murderers in Moscow and London. One can argue, and plenty have, that black people are statistically more likely to be gangsters and murderers, but that’s not the point, in this context. I surely agree with Derbyshire’s “The Talk” and have and will make these points to my own son, because they are intelligent precautions dealing with realities.

On the other hand, the nation (city-state) I want to live will be smaller than the United States, and much more focused. Whatever kind of government it has will be ruthless in dealing with seriously anti-social behavior and will not subsidize single motherhood and unemployment. In these conditions I, personally, welcome Jewish physicists, Chinese engineers, Japanese cartoonists, Argentinian dance instructors and Black American former Green Berets, if they’re superb contributors to the polis (did I miss any stereotypes? Apologies).

I don’t want these people because of some idiotic commitment to diversity, or, for Christ’s sweet sake, vibrancy. I don’t at all believe that having a rainbow of beautiful colors and sexual orientations is necessary or desirable in a group.

But at heart, I’m an individualist. Take a shot at that, if you like, and tell me where I’m wrong. But I practice discrimination, not prejudice. I draw lines, and if you’re out of bounds because you’re a thief, a thug or a low-impulse-control lout, I’ll deal with you on that basis. But as an individual, I’ll give you a chance to show me who you are, and if you’re good I’ll associate with you to our mutual advantage no matter where your parents are from.

Probably, most of the people who will end up in my kind of place will be White. Certainly, I feel most comfortable around people like me, just like everyone else who isn’t fooling himself because of the mindwashing he’s absorbed from Cultural Marxism. But I’m not a White Nationalist.