Serendipity Rode In


 JANUARY 21. 2014

I’ve been lurking around the NeoReactionary (NR)/Dark Enlightenment/Red Pill sector for some time, reading, reflecting, throwing an occasional comment at some of the leading sites, but not taking things too seriously. NeoReaction has been a sort of intellectual entertainment, stimulating and fun but not a passion, ever since the 2012 U.S. elections convinced me, finally, that collectivists really do have a working majority in America and that the Peepul, bless their hearts, have been on average dumbed down enough that the condition is permanent.

Rand really did have a Lens; Wesley Mouch is running the economy, and, God help us, Mr. Thompson has been Head of State for the past five years.

NR has been getting some “mainstream” play recently, but the latest hit piece, at a tech blog of Britain’s Telegraph, has precipitated this entry, this blog, and the end of lurking for me, via a serendipitous synchronicity; for whatever reason, out of the great wide world web, the author has chosen as a link to the text of Nick Land’s The Dark Enlightenment  my old Tumblr page, which I haven’t used much for over 18 months–in fact the last entry, on Dec. 13, 2012, was The Dark Enlightenment. That was shocking enough, weird enough, in the older sense of the word, to get me to write this.

You can see from the title of the blog that I’ll be taking a different angle to NR from anything else I’ve seen (yet), and the blog needs links to the Giants in the field and various other Important Resources, but for now, thrown together in a rush before I gotta go to work, here it is.

(NOTE–I’ve been using the NeoVictorian handle for well over 10 years, a long, long time before I’d heard the term “NeoReaction.” Call it more serendipity.)


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