Sanity: A Change in Title and Direction

As of today, the blog is retitled “Sanity in the Diamond Age.” While I still have a distinct fondness for the term, and the ideas, of “Neoreaction” and “NRx” I don’t find myself so interested in writing about them at present.

I think the bedrock precepts of and concepts of NRx are very sane, but it’s the sanity I’m most intrigued with. The term “sanity” doesn’t seem to be so much used today as it once was; now it’s almost always “mental health.” I don’t believe that the two are identical, and I don’t believe that the fact that “mental health” coincided with the rise of Progressivism and “Therapy Culture” is a coincidence.

My interpretation of sanity is that of the Romans’ concept of soundness: “Mens sana in corpore sano.” “A sound mind in a sound body.” Even a cursory analysis reveals the differences between this and “mental health.” Mental health is contingent; just as one catches a cold, one “catches” so-called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or Depression, or whatnot from the “DSM” based on some traumatic episode or another. One then “experiences” mental “illness” which can be “treated” with (almost always) a pill or injection which puts significant amounts of money in the pockets of both the corporation that provides the chemical, and the “mental health professional” that prescribes it.


A sound mind is not rendered “insane” by difficult experiences, even violent ones, or by ridicule, or by nasty comments on Twitter. It’s not that all Romans were paragons of sanity, including their leadership; but the idea that seeing a comrade killed in battle would ruin a man with real strength of mind would have been ludicrous to them, and rightly so. Of course they didn’t have explosives going off suddenly, or for hours on end, but that’s a discussion for another post.

Probably 25% or more of white women in the US are taking “antidepressants” and we’re certain very few have ever been blown out the door of their vehicle by an IED. I think Progressivism, in a broad sense has contributed to this, but so has evolutionary psychology. “NRx” in an equally broad sense might be a partial cure, but it’s going to take more to deal with the meta-situation. That’s what I aim to do here.


I’ve always been a “synthesist” more than a specialist. I intend to put that to good use here and point out some ways, methods, attitudes and techniques to make things better. I’m working on myself and I’ll share some of that work.


We’re still in The Diamond Age and NRx, I haven’t forgotten you, but you’re just one of the harem now.

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