The Future is…Interesting

My post “On Implementation” has a few comments; especially gratifying are the ones telling me where I’m wrong. Those are always the most stimulating…anyway, I wrote a general response which I thought useful as a very brief expression of some themes I will expand on in future posts:

The “Cathedral” is not a “thing,” it’s not a conspiracy, as such. It’s main components, Big Education and Big Media, are already being undermined to certain extent by the Web, as in Stephenson’s novels. The American university system was a bubble, as Glenn Reynolds has emphasized, and is going to downsize and lose influence over the next 1-15 years. MSNBABCBS have already lost well over 50% of their peak audiences, and the remainders skew oldster.

The young (I’m not on of them, BTW) in America, the EU and China, Japan, and all the other countries with no/negative population growth, will not serve as wage slaves for Boomers, They just won’t. There will be a restructuring of debt and pension obligations (the “Big Haircut”) because reality demands it–or, as twistedone151 has it, major collapse. I’m betting on restructuring.

Every Big Government in history (Rome, the European royal houses, etc.) looked invincible at some point, and every one underwent radical transformation or complete replacement. So it will go with USG and the ChiComms, too. The question is when. It might be after my lifetime, or maybe there really will be some “singularity” that causes the End of History As We Knew It.

Right now, the evidence before my eyes is that USG can’t even enforce pot laws. Big transformations often bubble and brew below the surface and then explode in a short period of time. Society is a stochastic process, and no one can really predict the future long-term, but the one thing I am sure of is that my nine-year-old son and his cohort aren’t going sit on their asses while a bunch of aging Boomers cause a “final, catastrophic collapse” because they refuse to take a haircut on their “guaranteed” pensions.

11 thoughts on “The Future is…Interesting

  1. “Right now, the evidence before my eyes is that USG can’t even enforce pot laws.”

    Can’t enforce, or don’t want to enforce?

    “one thing I am sure of is that my nine-year-old son and his cohort aren’t going sit on their asses”

    Sure, some people will eventually act… and accomplish nothing, except possibly getting themselves and others killed by the Cathedral’s military retaliation, and accelerating or worstening the inevitable collapse.


    • You’re such a ray of sunshine…but you may well be right. Reality will tell. However, since we all gotta die sometime, going down fighting isn’t a bad way to go, and of the collapse is inevitable, I’ll keep one last bottle of gin handy for when the power turns off and the food runs out. De vivimus, vivimus!


    • I don’t see how anyone can be so certain in any direction. Regimes do weaken after all and as Moldbug has argued, a bloated, ever-growing state is like a Red Dwarf – states expand as they become weaker not stronger. The tyrannical Department of Justice can only bring a few cases a year. If a dozen municipalities and a few states constantly nullified laws, the laws would be de-facto dead. You doth protest and despair too much and as long as you have evidence it’s fine, otherwise you’re just being an eeyore.


      • Every movement, group or company needs a few people who see the flaws more clearly than the shiny things. Twistedone151 is providing a valuable service…


      • I disagree.
        He’s not highlighting flaws; He’s just saying NOTHING WILL WORK EVER. WE ARE DOOOMED. Paraphrasing of course.
        I’m in 100% support of ‘corrective’ pessimism with detailed analysis. This is just eeyorism, and if you google his comments especially at Foseti’s you’ll see this constant theme.


      • They will always be able to “pay” them because the money will be direct deposited. It’s magic! Of course when a soldier’s pay has been devestated by inflation it won’t buy much loyalty. I just don’t think many of them would shoot or bomb Americans, even if well compensated…but then there was that thing known as the Civil War.


    • It took the Cathedral’s military 8 years to kill one Saudi goatherd living in a cave in Pakistan, if he’s even really dead at all.They ain’t exactly top-notch.

      Their diversity is their weakness.


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